Would you like to delete your social media account? ?

The shocking revelations about Cambridge Analytica (a data analytics company that worked with Donald Trump’s campaign team and won the Brexit campaign), obtaining Facebook data from 50 million users has prompted everyone to think about their social media accounts and possible misuse.
Centrify conducted a snapshot poll of 220 IT and cybersecurity professionals at Infosecurity Europe in London this Week. Two-thirds of respondents said they would delete their account if their personal data was misused by a social media provider. 59% of respondents said they have deleted a social network account, while another 7% stated that they plan to do so. However, 32% of respondents said they don’t plan to delete Facebook or any other social network account, which is, no doubt, a substantial number.
The poll revealed that 55% of respondents would not use a company after a data breach, while 45% say they would continue to use a company despite these risks.
Surprisingly, only 10% of respondents were able to name social media providers as their biggest concern about privacy. 34% worry about data breaches at companies that have access, while 25% are concerned about credit card fraud.
It is impossible to see how your personal data is being used. The internet is a global web of corporate surveillance. Although GDPR, a data protection regulation, is a significant step towards giving individuals control over their data. However it is not an all-encompassing solution. For those who have tried to disconnect from Facebook and other social networking sites for a while, data breach may be the final push to end all ties with the site.
Author – Jaya KalwaniIndependent Consultant