New Course: VMware VirtualSphere 6.5 (VCP6.5 DCV)

SPOTO trainer Keith Barker just completed his VMware vSphere 6.5 course (VCP6.5 DCV), setting you up for success using the latest version of VMware’s virtualization product. Keith created virtual labs that will accompany the course. This will give you the practical skills needed to succeed in the real world and on the VMware certification exam.
This 74-video course teaches Keith the skills and knowledge required to create and maintain highly available, scalable virtual infrastructures with VMware vSphere. You can practice as you watch, while learning about vCenter Server, high reliability, fault tolerance, optimization and security.
Keith answered our questions about his course and how to get more from your learning.
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Start trainingQ: Why should companies train employees on VMware vSphere 6.5 IT professionals find vSphere 6.5 skills very valuable. What value does vSphere bring to an organization?VMware’s vSphere virtualization environment is one of the dominant solutions when implementing in-house data centers. The engineers and technicians will benefit from any knowledge or skills gained regarding vSphere.
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Q: What was your learner perspective when creating this course? One of the objectives was for the learner not only to understand the concepts, but also to get hands-on experience in our virtual labs. This will reinforce the training and help the learner build their skills.
Q: Do you have any tips for learners that will help them get the most from your course? If you’re enjoying the content and the labs then feel free to do one or two Nuggets and Labs per day (or more). You can also use your Netflix binging skills here.
Q: Microsoft’s Hyper-V efforts have been very popular. It is a formidable tool. You’ve recently completed a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 training course as well as a vSphere 6.5 training course. What are your thoughts about how Hyper-V and vSphere compare in this regard? People don’t like paying twice for the same thing. It is a good idea to use Hyper-V if a company has made a significant investment in Microsoft. This includes server licensing for Hyper-V. To avoid any resentment from either side, I will state that IT professionals should be trained in the virtualization technology they choose to use. Keith, that’s a very politically correct response! Bravo!
Q: Citrix and Cisco are also being discussed in virtualization discussions, even though Microsoft and VMware seem to be the most popular. You should also consider these options. This mix contains both apples and oranges. Cisco certifications are at the top of the stack for infrastructure networking. VMware is currently at the top of virtualization. Microsoft is the leader in network OS and directory services. For many learners, I believe this would be a solid starting point:
CompTIA Network+
CompTIA Security+
Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching
Microsoft MMS: Windows Server 2016
VMware vSphere6.5
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Q: Which was your favorite Nugget that you made in this course?
They were all very enjoyable. One of my favorites is the one that involved installing the ESXi from scratch in a hands-on lab environment. I believe that learners will enjoy the idea of building the entire vSphere infrastructure using the provide.