New Course: Professional Development Operations with Azure

Azure DevOps makes it easy to deliver products and services quickly and efficiently. Michael Levan, a new CBT Nuggets trainer, just finished his first course, Professional DevOps With Azure. This teaches you how to use Azure DevOps.
This intermediate-level course contains 73 videos. It is designed for DevOps professionals with three to five years experience with orchestration tools. This course is designed to improve your proficiency in orchestration tools. Michael will cover the following topics:
Designing DevOps strategies
Implementing CI/CD
Deploying to preferred platforms
Monitoring performance
CI/CD is used to build and deploy.

Because Azure DevOps can be used by newer or aspiring DevOps professionals, it is language-, platform and cloud provider-agnostic. This course can be a great resource for DevOps professionals.
Azure DevOps is a great addition to your IT toolbox. Watch Michael’s course now!
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