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Project management in today’s complex business environment is doubly difficult when team members are spread across multiple locations. Project managers may be too busy dealing with clients and stakeholders to notice inefficiencies, missed opportunities, lack of coordination, low employee morale, or inefficiencies in processes. These issues can quickly become major obstacles that hinder projects and negatively impact businesses. This Smartsheet vs. comparison reveals the similarities and differences between these two project management softwares for distributed teams.
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Distributed Teams: Challenges
Smartsheet Approach
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Challenges for Distributed Teams
To effectively manage distributed project teams, you must first understand the challenges they face in their day to day work. Some people point out past surveys as evidence of the problems of remote work, such as lack of trust, in-person interaction, distractions, and productivity issues. These surveys also reveal that remote work is a good fit for most remote workers.
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While hybrid models are becoming more popular, there are still issues. Distributed workers face a number of challenges. These include poor communication, low collaboration, poor visibility due to isolation, poor time management, and difficulty in collaboration. This can lead to lower productivity. All these issues can be managed with the right project management software, as well as the features we discuss in this vs. Smartsheet.
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Smartsheet Approach
Smartsheet is an online project management software and work collaboration software. It has a familiar spreadsheet-like interface, and a central workspace that allows for collaboration, workflows, content, projects, and collaboration. It allows organizations to create dynamic worksheets, automate workflows and increase visibility among distributed teams. It allows users to streamline their processes, create plans and track resources, communicate quickly, and concentrate on their work without being distracted by lengthy email threads or unnecessary meetings.
Smartsheet provides advanced PM features such as dashboards, activity logs and reports, Gantt charts and critical paths, card view grid view calendar view, forms, forms, and mobile app. It also offers API, data connectors and premium add-ons that allow you to extend and grow your business solutions.

Smartsheet allows distributed teams to have conversations to solve communication problems. It organizes work and puts it in context. It also refers to specific work items which can improve visibility and decision-making. You can leave comments on a row or the entire sheet. These comments will then be displayed in the right panel. You can view conversations from different views, such as grid, card Gantt, calendar and report. This ensures a consistent user experience. Software stores all conversations and allows users to reply directly from their email.
Smartsheet automation lets users create automated workflows that save time. Distributed project teams can automate repetitive tasks to allow them to concentrate on more important work and the software will handle the simpler tasks. They can create processes that allow for any change to the worksheet to trigger an automatic action, such as sending alerts or requesting approvals. The intuitive visual editor allows users to combine conditional paths with multiple actions. This can be done on the desktop, mobile app, and integrated messaging apps such as Slack and Microsoft.