BrainBOK PMP Study Tool Review

I don’t do many reviews of new books or training products to help with PMP preparation anymore.
You may already know that I used PM PrepCast as a study aid when I took my PMP exam. OSP International’s related products have been great, and I highly recommend them.
There’s a new tool I would consider as a companion option, and it was amazing enough to make me want to dig deeper. The project manager behind this tool has been a friend of mine for many years. This is why I was compelled to look at it.
It’s very user-friendly and you’ll soon see the things I value in a product like this: good explanations of the answers, quality questions in the sample test, visual displays that show how the processes interconnect, etc.
It’s called BrainBOK.
This video will show you how the tool works. Also, I offer some tips on how to use these types of tools (flashcards and sample tests, etc.). Fit into the larger picture of learning to study.

Harwinder granted me access to the premium version of his tool for a limited time, so I could review it and make this review. After learning the value of the tool, I signed up for his affiliate program. This is something I don’t do very often. That means if you go to a percentage of your purchase will go towards keeping the lights on over here at
Are you already a BrainBOK customer? If so, please leave your comments below and indicate whether you are using the premium or free version. Let us know what you think.