Best CAPM Exam Prep Tools 2022

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You are here because you want to be a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM(r)) and without spending a lot of money on study guides.
You’re in the right spot. You can find our reviews below of some of the top CAPM exam preparation materials. Here are our suggestions if you have limited time.
Best CAPM prep course: The PrepCast for CaPM
PrepCast’s CAPM Exam Simulator is the best CAPM exam simulator
Best CAPM Exam Prep book: CAPM Exam Practice by Rita Mulcahy
Continue reading if you want to know why these recommendations are tops on our list, and to see other study materials that can help you earn your CAPM credential.
CAPM Study Materials
PMI’s CAPM certificate is an entry-level qualification that demonstrates people have the knowledge and ability to work in a project setting. It is recognized by organizations around the globe and requires a lengthy application process as well as a 3-hour exam. Also, you will need to prove that you have completed 23 hours in project management education. This is where the study materials come into play.
You can claim any training you have received in the past, such as modules of your project management degree or in-house courses offered by your employer. However, most people opt for a CAPM prep class.
This article will discuss the best CAPM exam prep courses, as well as exam simulators that can help you study for the exam.
CAPM Exam Simulators
The PM PrepCast to CAPM
The CAPM Exam Simulator is the top choice because it offers the best CAPM practice tests. It is easy to use, but it mimics real life. The statistics impressed me. It allows you to see your results in great detail, which is a time-saver. You can focus on the areas that you did not do well on the test questions and review the recommended resources to help you recall those topics. You can track your progress with the analysis so you can see where you are going.
This is the CAPM study tool you should buy if you only have one CAPM study tool. It can be used in conjunction with A Guide To the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKr) Guide), and you may not need any other tools.
In my review of PM Exam Simulator, Project Management Professional (PMP(r)) test questions, the PM Exam Simulator ranked first. Find out why.
CAPM Practice Exams
By James L. Haner, Cate McCoy
Is there a book in the simulator section? Yes. The book contains over 1000 questions and includes an online test tool. It’s worth investing in a digital simulator to help you adjust to sitting for three hours to complete a test. I don’t normally sit that long, and I’m constantly interrupted or having meetings so this isn’t my top choice.
It is worth having a book that you can take with you, flip through, take notes, and then continue your online learning. It’s a hybrid product, and past students have reviewed it as helping them pass the test.
CAPM Prep Courses
Many students choose to take a training course instead of taking test questions.
The PM PrepCast to CAPM
This is my top choice for the best online CAPM training. The PM PrepCast is an online course that Cornelius Fichtner (PMP, CSM) offers. It is a 23-hour course. His company is a trusted provider of training and has received great reviews from their satisfied (and certified! So you can be sure that the course has been thoroughly vetted and is of high quality.
This course fulfills the PMI requirements for formal Project Management Education and provides you with a Certificate of Evidence in case yourPMPapplication needs to be audited.
The online course is delivered via video, audio, and through an online platform. Log in and all the information is available on one website.
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