AWS publishes Couchbase Quickstart There is now a Quick Start to use Couchbase, the popular document-oriented NoSQL NoSQL database on Amazon Web Services Inc.’s (AWS). Couchbase is a distributed multi-model data platform that includes the open-source Couchbase Server (formerly known as Membase), which is optimized for interactive applications, and Couchbase Mobile, which is an embedded, full-stack offering for devices. Couchbase is ranked No.1 by the DB-Engines database ranking website. Couchbase is the No. 3 product in document store category, after MongoDB or Amazon DynamoDB. AWS users who don’t want to use DynamoDB, the cloud giant’s homegrown document-store system, can now use the new Couchbase for AWS Quick Start as an alternative. AWS stated in a blog last month that the enterprise-class Couchbase Data Platform included Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile. It was designed to power engaging mobile, IoT and Web applications. “Couchbase Server, a cloud-native NoSQL database, is designed with a distributed architecture to improve performance, scalability and availability. It allows developers to create applications by combining the power of SQL and the flexibility of JSON. Couchbase Mobile features an embedded database, security and real-time sync with the highly-scalable Couchbase Server. The Quick Start was created by Couchbase Inc., ClearScale, and AWS. It uses Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), which are available from AWS Marketplace, and offers two subscription options. This Quick Start shows how to deploy Couchbase into a new project or into existing AWS infrastructure. Automatic deployment is handled by AWS CloudFormation templates that can be customized. AWS stated that the templates, which are available on GitHub, can be used by themselves to start new projects. The guidance tool enables AWS users to leverage the power of AWS:

  • A virtual private cloud (VPC), configured across multiple Availability Zones with a public subnet within each zone. A deployment can include two, three, or more Availability Zones. *
  • An Internet gateway that allows access to the Internet.
  • Couchbase instances can have outbound internet access through managed NAT gateways
  • An IAM role that grants fine-grained permissions to access AWS services. Security groups can restrict access to the necessary protocols and ports.
  • Auto Scaling groups and launch configurations of Couchbase Server and Couchbase Synchro Gateway. The Quick Start deploys four Couchbase Server and two Couchbase Sync Gateway instances by default. For those who wish to provision additional instances, these defaults can be modified during deployment.
  • For load balancing across servers, Elastic Load Balance is integrated with Auto Scaling.

You can find all details in the PDF “Couchbase on AWS Cloud”