Official Video Training Partner of CompTIA

Share this post: CompTIA (the largest trade association for the global IT industry) and ITProTV (a leader in online, on demand IT training) announced today that they will collaborate on new initiatives to expand education options and learning opportunities for the global tech workforce.

ITProTV will be the official video content provider of CompTIA certifications, and related CompTIA Learning offerings. CompTIA Learning materials, tools and other content will be the official content of CompTIA-related online courses offered by ITProTV.

CompTIA’s CompTIA library within ITProTV has been designated the official video training platform for CompTIA courses. ITProTV will quickly produce updated content as CompTIA updates its official curricula.
“Our commitment to providing high-tech workers with learning content and skills training that is both best-in-class and cutting-edge extends our commitment,” stated Todd Thibodeaux (President and CEO of CompTIA). “By providing innovative learning resources that correspond to specific job roles, we help workers in their career advancement and assist employers in matching the right people with the right jobs.
Tim Broom, CEO of ITProTV and co-founder, said, “This partnership helps IT pros by delivering a comprehensive package to start, sustain, and advance an IT career.” ITProTV now offers official video training for CompTIA certifications. They can rest assured that the course content aligns with exam objectives and that it is engaging, up-to-date and ‘bingeworthy’. ”
ITProTV has more than 100,000 members worldwide and offers over 4,000 hours of engaging IT training for a variety vendors.
CompTIA is the largest provider of vendor-neutral skills certificates for the global tech workforce. CompTIA has granted nearly 2.5 million certifications in core technologies, cybersecurity, infrastructure, as well as other specialties.
Both organizations are currently exploring new content and programs.
Video courses for career changers interested in a job in the tech industry.
Soft skills training for technologists
Virtual live training.
CompTIA’s ITProTV alumni and members of the CompTIA Association of IT Professionals, (AITP), will have special ITProTV memberships. These memberships are also available to individuals who are interested in CompTIA certifications to help them with their career development. Both organizations will also collaborate in marketing and product bundling activities.
You can find all CompTIA content on ITProTV, including Network+, Security+ and Network+.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+).

Share this post:CompTIA recently changed the name of their most basic IT certification exam CompTIA IT Fundamentals to CompTIA IT Fundamentals+. (ITF+). The updated exam, FC0-U61 is now live and out of beta.
What’s new?

CompTIA’s new CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ exam “focuses upon the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and explain the basics in computing, IT infrastructure, and database use.” To further differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and to represent CompTIA quality standards and standards, the new version includes the +.
CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ is designed to cover all aspects of IT foundations. It is intended for students, entry-level IT professionals, and non-professionals who are interested in determining if a career as an IT professional is right for them. Visit the CompTIA website for more information.
ITProTV’s CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ online training course is free! 19 hours of online training are included to prepare you for the new exam. You also get a 10% discount code. For more information on the course, watch this overview video and sign up for free. No credit card required. Get started now.

CompTIA A+! The Highly Desired Certification by Computer Experts

Many fields have emerged from the groundbreaking advancements in computer science. CompTIA, a non-profit organization, was established in January 1982. Its headquarters are located in the United States of America. It provides professional certifications in the field of Information Technology. These certifications are designed to give its learners the best tools, knowledge, and understanding of the cloud of information technology. They cover all aspects of the field. CompTIA offers many certifications under its flagship in information technology. A+ Course is one such certification that is meant to provide individuals with certain skills that fall within the A+ Course category. It was approved by the American National Standards Institute in 2008. The course covers the basics of Information Technology, including terminologies and concepts. The certification generally covers all aspects of operating systems that are used to run various systems. This certification is an entry-level certification that is required to be a fundamentalist in the information technology industry. This course qualifies you to work as a computer technician, or as an operator of an operating system.
Benefits of the A+ Course
The A+ course is a basic level certification. It covers all technical terminologies and basics required to further study information technology and the other higher-level certifications that go with it. Although information technology has advanced to a cloud-based field, one must first understand the roots of the field to be able to move forward. A+ course is required.
The A+ Course is internationally recognized and promises bright futures for its graduates in areas of career success and good jobs.
If they first obtain basic certifications like A+ Course, certified professionals can work in the following roles: web-designer, web-developer, security analyst, and IT expert. They are often paid higher salaries than those who don’t have this certification.
The certification focuses on server-specific hardware skills that are then linked up to the study of operating system. This allows certified professionals to grasp concepts regarding the installation, handling, and maintenance of different operating systems like Disc Operating System (DOS).

The A+ Course is both a good and a mandatory option that should be pursued if you want to gain more knowledge, skills, and higher status in information technology. Information technology is a broad field that allows people to pursue careers as IT experts. However, they first need to learn the basics of this field. A+ courses are a good option.

CMA vs. CPA: Which one will lead you to your goal?

Since the past few decades, there has been a flood of knowledge and education. This has led to many new fields of education and practice. Finance is one of the most successful fields. The field places a lot of emphasis on investments. Finance covers topics such as assets, revenue, tax compulsions and capital. There are many certifications in finance that can be obtained and accepted around the globe. These certifications are highly beneficial for professional career development and erudition. These certifications will help you reach the top of your profession and give you the confidence to do what you love.
Many certifications in finance are available from online training websites and institutes. This is to give interested individuals the best tools and skills to excel in the field.
CMA, also known as Certified Management Accountant, is a credential that professionals in finance can use to enhance their knowledge. CMA certification can be obtained in six months. It tends to give skills in areas of financial planning, analysis and control, as well as professional ethics. This is where people plan on pursuing their careers under the inscription of Finance.
CMA Certified works with renowned companies as well as business organizations where they can work both as financial planners and experts. CMA is therefore a great opportunity for those who are professionals in accounting.
CPA course is a Certified Public Accountant course. This certification can be described as the highest level of competence in accounting or the highest examination in the field. It was created to assess the learning and skills of those who work in finance and accounting. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants oversees the exams and strives to test all minds in this field. It is a success and people consider it the key to success. The certification allows certified individuals to work in the areas of Forensic Accounting and Assurance Services and Accounts as well as International Accounting, Internal & External Auditing of Enterprises and Tax & Financial Planning and Consulting Services. This certification is a way to show their skills and knowledge in the fields of accounting and finance. CPA courses take two years to complete. However, the investment is worthwhile as the qualification is recognized worldwide. CPA qualifiers earn 30-40% more than ordinary accountants. CPA course is a great qualification for those who want to become accountants.

CMA Course Details – An In-Demand Certification for Accounting & Financial Management

Like many other certifications for accountants, Certified Management Accounting CMA is a well-known credential that is widely accepted and accepted worldwide. It is for those who wish to pursue a career in financial management and management accounting. This certification is issued by the Institute of Management Accountant in the United States, or the IMA. To obtain CMA certification, the candidate must pass both Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 and Part 2 must be passed by the candidate to obtain CMA certification. It is also a prerequisite for the candidate to have a bachelor’s or professional certification.
Let’s look at some key points that will benefit you as a CMA.
CMA is a top-ranking accounting certification. It improves your financial management skills and critical accounting skills, while giving you an edge in a business environment.
CMAs are mainly located in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries. It is a popular certification in management accounting.
International applicants can now apply for CMA through IMA. CMA is easier than CPA, which can sometimes be difficult for applicants to pass other than the exam.
CMA’s Management Accounting skills and knowledge are more beneficial to public accountants.
You want to make more. CMAs earn 1/3 more than non-certified counter candidates.
If you are looking to make a career in corporate accounting, a CMA course will be beneficial. CMA will help you in financial analysis, strategic planning and decision making. You also have to make professional decisions in all areas of your company as a CFO.
Finally, research the demand and supply for CMAs in your area before you decide to enroll in a course. This is because it varies from one country to another depending on business and corporate requirements.

7 Key Active Listening Skills

Reading Time: 1 minuteEveryone wants to feel heard. Most people don’t learn to listen. We learn to speak. Parents are thrilled when their children speak their first words. Speech is taught in school. For most employees, however, it is crucial that their manager listens to them. Managers need to be able to listen. The Center for Creative Leadership lists seven key skills for active listing.
Ask open-ended questions
Ask probing questions.
Ask for clarification.
Feelings are important.
Questions for Class Discussion:
Consider your listening skills. Which one of the seven essential active listening skills are you looking to improve? How can you do this?
Coaching Others: Use Active Listening Skills to Coach Others – Center for Creative Leadership
Center for Creative Leadership

6 Tips for Women in Technology: A SIMPLE Strategy to Break into the Industry

By Tanya Mosley Computer Information Systems Technology Instructor, Chattahoochee Tech Georgia

Some women face difficulties in male-dominated industries. They try to make it work and do what they love. This was true for me when I chose to pursue a career in information technology. This is why I am excited to share my SIMPLE strategy, which helped me and hopefully will help other women in the tech industry navigate the industry. SIMPLE stands for:
S Support System
I: Improvisation
M: Mentorship
P: Patience
L: Level Head
E: Education

Establish a Support System
As women, we are wired to care for others and not neglect our own needs. If we want to be of service, it is important to look after our own well-being and personal development. Women in technology can benefit from support systems. Without one, I wouldn’t have been able to embark on my career path. Women often have a lot of family responsibilities. This puts them in a position that makes it difficult to concentrate on their personal growth. A support system is essential to help us achieve our career goals. It could be a spouse, parents, inlaws, children, friends, or anyone else who is willing to help.
You will be able to focus on your personal development and let others take care of the mundane tasks. This is what I know because I spent a lot of time honing my skills. My spouse was responsible for any issues that required attention. This meant I spent late nights at the computer or in the office, focusing on my studies.

Tip: If you don’t have one, start putting together your support system today.

Learn to improve
Women are great at solving problems and finding solutions. This skill should be used to our advantage. I used to believe that I needed to have an IT degree and some experience to get a job in this industry. After much observation, it became clear that I was wrong. All I had to do was to improvise. To get noticed, I had to use what I knew about IT in my current position. You can do it too.
Spend time learning IT skills and looking for opportunities to show your talents by taking on small IT projects. Find resources to help you learn new skills. Register for any workshop that offers information technology training. After creating a database and website in my office, Improvising made it the “Most Innovative Employee”. With a little guidance, I was able to improvise and get on the path of becoming an IT professional.

Tip: Make the most of what you have and use any resources that you have.

Identify Potential Mentors
Even superheroes sometimes need assistance, so why not ask when you are in need? Technology is constantly changing, so it is important to keep learning new skills if you are in the field. Mentorship can bridge the gap between what you know and what you need to learn. Reach out to potential mentors whenever you can. Unfortunately, I didn’t have as many female mentors as I had male mentors. The reason I understand now is that as a mom working a full-time job, the women were always very busy and unavailable.
Lucky for me, I was lucky enough to have an office right next to a web designer friend. I was interested in learning more about his work and took everything he had to teach me. This experience was invaluable in the completion of my website project. I was also fortunate to be able to work with another colleague who had extensive experience in applications. I expressed my interest in learning from him again and I quickly became proficient in managing and maintaining the applications that we used to perform our job tasks. I was able to become a valuable asset to my office because I was bold enough and eager enough to ask for mentorship. I was given tasks that only tech-savvy staff could perform.
To improve my skills, I continued to learn and network with people in my field of work. It is important to have a network of mentors and peers you can turn to for help when you are stuck. Join groups such as Women in Technology. There’s always more to learn. You will get rejected but you must keep trying.

Tip: Take advantage of every mentorship opportunity that is available.

Exercise Patience
There are many obstacles and pitfalls on the road to success. To realize your full potential, patience is the key. There will be doubts and discouragement at times. You will have doubts and get discouraged at times.

6 Tips for Using WebAssign for Statistics to Use SALT

Statisticians created the Statistical Analysis and Learning Tool, a data analysis tool. It is designed to engage students in data manipulation, analysis, and interpretation without overwhelming them with complex computations.
Through extensive collaborations with Statistics educators and in class testing by both students and instructors, SALT has been perfected. It is a valuable tool that Statistics instructors can use in and outside of WebAssign. These six tips will help students understand the meaning of data and think statistically.

1. Include SALT questions in your Assignments
Pre-built questions with an embedded “Use Salt” button can be used to integrate SALT into your course. WebAssign automatically pulls the question data into SALT when you choose “Use Salt”. Students can then analyze it.
About a third of all Cengage Statistics questions in WebAssign contain SALT automatically. We will continue to add more. If the problem involves a statistical function that is supported by SALT, you will find SALT. It involves both computations and interpretive parts.
Search the “.S.” abbreviation in WebAssign’s question browser to find SALT questions in your course. Ask your Cengage representative for a complete list of questions with SALT for your title.

2. Schedule the Getting Started Assignment during the first week of class
Do your students frequently ask you how to use certain features in WebAssign. You can assign our pre-built Getting Started assignment. It includes:
Tips to help students interact in WebAssign’s variety of question types
Use My Class Insights for exam preparation
SALT tutorial questions are designed to help students understand the purpose and operation of the data analysis tool in a Statistics course.
Download the Getting Started Assignment from your Course Packs. Or search the Assignment ID (16984807) on WebAssign.

3. Assign SALT Tutorial Question

Even if you don’t schedule the Getting Started assignment for your students, they should still be familiar with SALT. SALT Tutorials are questions that guide students to the right places in SALT to find the information that they need.
Students will receive scaffolded instruction on the content and how to use SALT for computing and analyzing data. This makes them the perfect questions to ask at the beginning of any assignment.
SALT Tutorial questions can be found in the Question Browser by searching for “.ST” or by looking at the chapter section called “SALT Tutorial”.

4. Schedule “Select Your Scenario” Questions
Select Your Scenario questions allow you to personalize your student learning experience. These questions give students three contexts from which to choose and allow them to choose the most relevant scenario. The student will then solve the problem using the support of SALT.
No matter which scenario is chosen, students will answer questions that demonstrate knowledge of a learning objective. These questions are perfect for assigning at the end of a chapter.
Search “.SYS” to find Select Your Scenario questions or the chapter section “Select Your Scenario”.

5. Use SALT in Class With Your Students
SALT is available in WebAssign questions and can be accessed outside of WebAssign at This data analysis tool can be used to help students in online and in-person classes. Participating in the Beta program for SALT resulted in increased student engagement.
SALT also comes pre-loaded by data sets from Cengage Dataset hub. These data sets are designed to grab students’ attention. You can either use our data sets, or upload your Excel spreadsheets in CSV format. SALT allows you to share various charts and graphs, distribution curves, and other statistics topics with your students.

6. Get SALT Help and Up-to-Date Information
Are you looking for more information on teaching with SALT? You can find help documentation, full lists of features, and frequently asked questions at the SALT hub.

6 Tips from Peers to Save Time on WebAssign

WebAssign is easy to use, whether you’re a new user or an experienced user. We asked Brien Dunn, Instructor and Faculty Partner, to share his time-saving tips within WebAssign.
Continue reading to learn 6 peer tips that will help you streamline your course preparation and save time in WebAssign for this semester.
You can find your course quickly using a shortcut
To quickly search for your course while you are on your WebAssign homepage, press “CTRL+F”. Although it may seem simple, this will save you valuable time, especially if your instructor has multiple courses or sections.
Start by creating your questions and then name them clearly
Start by creating your questions if you want to create your own assignments. Your questions should have a title similar to the assignment you intend to include them in. You can include the same section numbers and topic headings in both the question and assignment. This consistency will improve your speed in finding questions, creating assignments, and building cumulative exams.
Declutter Your ClassView to Easily Navigate the Courses
Unorganized ClassViews can be overwhelming. These tips will make it more attractive and navigable.
To break up your assignments or chapters, indent and use special characters for the assignment names. To designate a new topic or chapter, you can use dashes, arrows, or an underscore.
Limit the number of assignments that you can see in ClassView. This can be done by going to the “Reschedule assignments” page and changing the “available date” for any assignments you don’t need right now to a few weeks or even months in the future. These assignments will be placed in a “future assignment bucket” on instructor view. Students won’t have access to them until they are ready. This will encourage students not to look at their future assignments.
A clean ClassView is essential for Corequisite and Developmental Math students. Too many open assignments can distract.
In Assignments and Questions, include Keywords
It can be difficult to remember the name of an assignment or question that you have created, especially when there are multiple courses. You can improve the searchability of any question, assignment, or topic by adding keywords to them. For questions, you can include keywords under “additional information” and for assignments in the section at the bottom.
Forward the Notifications from Ask Your Teacher to an Email Folder
Logging into WebAssign regularly to check if there are any Ask Your Teacher messages can become time-consuming and inefficient. You can avoid this by forwarding your message notifications to email. You can save time by creating a rule in your email to automatically file all Ask Your Teacher messages into a folder. You will receive notifications for each message, and you will have one folder where you can find the direct links to your messages when you are able to address them.
Bulk Reschedule Assignments for Fast Changes
Rescheduling individual assignments is a time-consuming task if your class is behind schedule. You can use the Multi-Select tool on the “Reschedule Assignments” page to select each assignment you wish to update. You can also adjust the dates by “adding days” to the assignments. This is a great way to reschedule multiple assignments simultaneously if your class is behind. Save!

Want More Tips?
These resources are available to you.
WebAssign Help provides step-by-step instructions and tutorials
Follow us on social media for timely WebAssign best practices &

5 Ways to Support Math Students With WebAssign

You know that teaching is more than just choosing a Math textbook and planning course topics. Each student comes to your class with different levels of preparation, confidence, and motivation. How can you design your course to meet the needs of each student throughout the semester?
Cue, WebAssign.
Continue reading to find out how WebAssign can help you take your Math course content up a notch and drive student success.
1. Resolve Readiness Gaps
Your course material and syllabus will not be enough to help your students learn. To ensure that your students are successful in your course, you need to make sure they have the right mindset and prerequisite skills. Without a little help, it can be difficult to evaluate, identify, and address readiness gaps.
Help students assess and practice math skills
Do you have a lot of work to do this semester? Students can take part in a free College Math and Calculus Readiness Boot Camp. The boot camp can be self-enrolled or added to an existing WebAssign course. Students complete exercises to assess their knowledge, and receive a tutorial and practice items to help fill in any knowledge gaps.
Develop Effective Learners by Using Skills
Do your students have the skills to take notes, grow a mindset, and navigate a Math textbook? These skills are crucial to student success in Math courses. WebAssign makes it easy to incorporate Math Mindset or College Success activities into your course. This allows students to reflect on these skills and gives them reflective assignments.
Students need to have the prerequisite skills.
To master the material, most learners require multiple exposures to the prerequisite skills and concepts throughout the course. It is a great way to reinforce pre-requisite skills. This allows learners to understand the topics before they need to apply them in a new context.
WebAssign makes it even easier by offering a variety question types, such as quick-prep modules, just-in-time exercises and Algebra remediation exercise. These can be incorporated in your assignments to provide valuable remediation all through the course.

2. Increase Student Engagement
It’s not easy to keep students engaged and on task. When putting together your course materials and assignments, it’s important to remember that students are the most important thing. Your students will learn more if you use WebAssign’s content and features to enhance your course materials.
Videos can get students’ attention
Is it really difficult for you to get students reading their assignments? Instead, make your course materials more engaging for students by including video in your assignments. WebAssign offers many options.
Upload your videos to get the most personalization possible
To save time, use the lecture videos and textbook resources within WebAssign
Pre-created assessment content, such as Video Example questions, can be assigned to your students

Personalize your course materials for your students
If your material is relevant to them, students are more likely to pay attention. Seem hard? Students can assign Responsive Questions in WebAssign. They can enter their own values which will be used in solving the problem to bring to life their real-world experience. You can also customize your questions to add more relevant substitutions to specific parts of the problem.

3. Develop problem-solving skills
While any student can guess the answer, instructors want to ensure that they fully understand the steps involved in solving the problem. It can be difficult to assess problem-solving skills in an online environment. However, WebAssign has the ability to help you.
Ask questions that will motivate students to do the work
Assign tutorial questions, such as Master It Standalone Questions or Expanded Problems. These ask students to complete each step of the problem-solving process to find the right solution. This helps students to understand the process and prevents them from cutting corners. You can also give students access to learning tools such as Master Its, which offer optional tutorials at the question level so that they can work independently on a similar problem step by step.

Check out the work of students
It can be difficult to understand the reasoning behind online homework submissions. You can use the Show My Work feature on specific questions or assignments to assess your students’ work. Students will be able submit their step-by-step work by doing this.