6 Tips from Peers to Save Time on WebAssign

WebAssign is easy to use, whether you’re a new user or an experienced user. We asked Brien Dunn, Instructor and Faculty Partner, to share his time-saving tips within WebAssign.
Continue reading to learn 6 peer tips that will help you streamline your course preparation and save time in WebAssign for this semester.
You can find your course quickly using a shortcut
To quickly search for your course while you are on your WebAssign homepage, press “CTRL+F”. Although it may seem simple, this will save you valuable time, especially if your instructor has multiple courses or sections.
Start by creating your questions and then name them clearly
Start by creating your questions if you want to create your own assignments. Your questions should have a title similar to the assignment you intend to include them in. You can include the same section numbers and topic headings in both the question and assignment. This consistency will improve your speed in finding questions, creating assignments, and building cumulative exams.
Declutter Your ClassView to Easily Navigate the Courses
Unorganized ClassViews can be overwhelming. These tips will make it more attractive and navigable.
To break up your assignments or chapters, indent and use special characters for the assignment names. To designate a new topic or chapter, you can use dashes, arrows, or an underscore.
Limit the number of assignments that you can see in ClassView. This can be done by going to the “Reschedule assignments” page and changing the “available date” for any assignments you don’t need right now to a few weeks or even months in the future. These assignments will be placed in a “future assignment bucket” on instructor view. Students won’t have access to them until they are ready. This will encourage students not to look at their future assignments.
A clean ClassView is essential for Corequisite and Developmental Math students. Too many open assignments can distract.
In Assignments and Questions, include Keywords
It can be difficult to remember the name of an assignment or question that you have created, especially when there are multiple courses. You can improve the searchability of any question, assignment, or topic by adding keywords to them. For questions, you can include keywords under “additional information” and for assignments in the section at the bottom.
Forward the Notifications from Ask Your Teacher to an Email Folder
Logging into WebAssign regularly to check if there are any Ask Your Teacher messages can become time-consuming and inefficient. You can avoid this by forwarding your message notifications to email. You can save time by creating a rule in your email to automatically file all Ask Your Teacher messages into a folder. You will receive notifications for each message, and you will have one folder where you can find the direct links to your messages when you are able to address them.
Bulk Reschedule Assignments for Fast Changes
Rescheduling individual assignments is a time-consuming task if your class is behind schedule. You can use the Multi-Select tool on the “Reschedule Assignments” page to select each assignment you wish to update. You can also adjust the dates by “adding days” to the assignments. This is a great way to reschedule multiple assignments simultaneously if your class is behind. Save!

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