5 Network Designer Tips & Tricks

Are you new to NetSim Are you a veteran NetSim user? These 5 Network Designer Tips & Tricks are available in NetSim 12, which is the industry’s most powerful Network Simulator.

1.Find the most recent devices in the Recent Devices Pane. Drag and drop previously created devices directly to the topology, without needing to reconfigure.

2. Use Snap to Grid to align devices perfectly and create professional-looking topologies.

3.To quickly locate connections and devices, highlight them on your pane. A shadow will appear beneath the item on topology.

4. Add notes and labels to your topology.

5. Avoid repetitive stress injuries by using the connection tool, which creates connections in as few clicks possible.

Did you learn anything new? Was this all new for you, Watson? Read more about everything new with NetSim 12 here:https://www.boson.com/Meet-NetSim-12