5 Best Microsoft Visio Alternatives to Diagramming

What does it mean to be the best? These are the top-rated Microsoft Visio alternatives found in our diagram software directory.
Microsoft Visiois a popular flowchart and diagramming program that’s highly rated. Capterra’s software directory has over 1,400 reviews. It is the most reviewed diagram software and has a 4.5 star rating overall.
It is part of Microsoft Office and has a familiar interface. It can also be integrated with other products, making it a good choice for dedicated Microsoft customers.
However, just because a brand is well-known doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for everyone.
This article examines five highly-rated Microsoft Visio alternatives. What does “top-rated?” mean? This piece includes five tools that have an average overall user rating, compared to other products in its category. Our complete methodology can be found here. The products are listed alphabetically.
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5 top-rated Microsoft Visio alternatives

1. Cacoo
Overall rating:4.5/5.0Reviews: 110+Cacoo is cloud-based data visualization software used to create and share flowcharts, diagrams, wireframes, organization charts, and process models. Collaboration, multi-user editing and dynamic charts are some of the key features. Also, pre-built templates and a library of icons are available.
Pricing and plans:
Cacoo is praised by reviewers for being simple to use and easy-to-learn. Reviewers also praise Cacoo’s icon library and templates. However, they do note some issues with icons styles and difficulty finding specific elements. Cacoo is highly rated by users.
Cacoo received 61% of its reviews from small businesses in the past year. 8% came from midsize businesses and 31% came from large businesses. It was highly rated in the internet, consumer service, and computer hardware industries. It was also highly rated by reviewers who held the following job titles: software consultant, owner/CEO, and student.
User dashboard in Cacoo (Source)

2. D3M
Overall rating:4.5/5.0Reviews: 30+D3M is a cloud-based network diagramming application designed to help project managers, engineers, technicians, and sales reps design network topology, rack diagrams, and floor plan diagrams. Autogenerating project inventory, quotes and proposals, documentation, live collaboration, and documentation are some of the key features.
Pricing and plans:
D3M’s ease-of-use, quality of training and documentation, and their icon library are all highly rated by users. D3M is highly rated by users.
D3M received 81% of its reviews from small businesses, while 19% came from large companies. It was highly rated by reviewers in the following industries: electrical/electronic manufacturing, wireless, and telecommunications. It was also highly rated by reviewers in the following job titles: general manager, sales director/executive, owner.
Prepare a quote using a D3M (Source), diagram

3. Draw.io
Overall rating:4.5/5.0Reviews: 330+Draw.io is free, open source, and cloud-based diagram software for making flowcharts, diagrams, organizational charts, and process models. The key features include drag-and-drop functionality and a template and icon collection. You can also track and restore changes and collaborate.
Pricing and plans:
Draw.io is praised by reviewers for being free and still providing many templates and an extensive icon collection. Many reviewers praise Draw.io’s simplicity and intuitiveness. However, some do not like the import/export options. Who rates Draw.io highly
60% of D3M’s sales have been made in the last year