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Windows PowerShell Scripting Course
You are becoming more familiar with Windows PowerShell and recognizing its benefits. This month’s column will be long. This article will give you a quick overview of Windows PowerShell scripting and how to create parameterized scripts. I will be focusing on specific topics over the next few months that build on this foundation.
You might feel that this is too complicated if you are not familiar with running Windows PowerShell commands from the console. However, you can still learn how to do it. You should be familiar with Windows PowerShell security features. You should be familiar with execution policy and the settings you are using. You might not be able to distinguish between “RemoteSigned”, and “AllSigned” and why one may be better than the others.
You must also know how to run scripts in the shell. Also, you should remember that you must always provide a path name and filename to execute a script. You should also be able to distinguish between the Integrated Scripting Environment, (ISE), and the console. Scripts in the ISE run in the global scope. Scripts in the normal shell console have their own scope. I’ll briefly review scope, but you should already know what it is and what it does.
As you read this column, try to follow the examples. Take a look at the examples. You can copy and paste the script examples from the Windows PowerShellISE, starting at line 1. Your line numbers will match the descriptions.
Windows PowerShell Script Files
Table of Contents
A Windows PowerShell script is nothing more than a plain text file with a.PS1 extension. The “1” does not refer to Windows PowerShell’s version, but the version of the language engines. Windows PowerShell versions 1 and 2 use the same language engine version 1. That’s why both versions of the shell are installed into a v1.0 folder under \Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell.
A Windows PowerShell script doesn’t look exactly like a command line batch file. Running a script is not the same as running the commands yourself in the exact same sequence. To illustrate, open a console window, and type the following.

Now, type the exact same lines into a file or the ISE script editor pane and run the script. You’ll get different-looking results. You start a new pipeline every time you hit Enter in Windows PowerShell. All commands that you have typed are executed in this single pipeline. Windows PowerShell converts the contents of the pipeline into a text display at the end. You have run the two commands in the normal console in two separate pipelines.
Windows PowerShell was capable of creating a unique display for each output set. Both commands could be entered into a script and executed in the same pipeline. Windows PowerShell’s formatting system isn’t powerful enough to create the same output for two different sets. This can be done in the console

These results should look exactly the same as when you ran the script that contained those two commands. Both commands were executed in one pipeline in this case. This is what happened when the script was run.
This means that a script should only produce one type of output. This is largely due to the limitations of the formatting system. There are other things to consider. You don’t want multiple types of scripts dumping into the pipeline at once.
This is the rule that will guide everything else. A script should only produce one type of output. Only one exception is if the script is used as a repository of multiple functions. In this case, each function should only generate one.

Windows Azure New Service Alert: Read Access Geo Redundant Storage (RA-GRS)

Microsoft released the preview of its newest service, Read Access Geo Redundant Storage (RA-GRS), on December 12th. This service is designed to provide durability for business critical data.
This service creates a secondary replica with read-access of the desired storage account. Once enabled, it will also provide an endpoint name. In the event of a disaster, read requests can be routed directly to the secondary replica.

These are the key features of this service:
Follows eventual consistency
Uses the same Secret Keys & Shard Access Signatures as the primary storage account
To identify the secondary endpoint, the Secondary name is added to the endpoint name with a suffix “–secondary”.
Storage Analytics are also available
The Storage Client Library 3.0, REST v 2013-08-15, also supports RA-GRS in terms:
Querying the Last Sync Time
If the primary replica is not available, the secondary replica can be automatically retested

Keep these things in mind:
Any PUT/DELETE request made to this secondary replica will return an HTTP code 403.
Otherwise, the canonicalization of a resource to access the primary endpoint and the secondary endpoint must be the same. If it is not, it may not have the ability to read from the secondary side.

How does it work?
RA-GRS uses eventual asynchronous replica but because transactions across Partition Keys may occur out of order, the service uses a Recovery Point Objective Time called “Last Sync Time” to ensure data availability in the secondary replica. All updates to primary storage that occurred before the Last Sync Time will be available for reading from the secondary replica. Updates after the Last Sync Time might not be available.
The Last Sync Time values for Blobs, Queues, and Tables can be obtained by using the REST API “GetServiceStats”.

SLA: High Read Availability of 99.99+% (compared with normal GRS which is 99.9+%)

Pricing: Starting at $0.12/GB (preview: $0.0105/GB). Visit the pricing page for more information.

How do I use this service?
This service is currently available for a limited preview. Requests for this service must be made. After approval of the request, it can be enabled via the Windows Azure Management Portal by setting the replication property for the storage account to “Read Access Geo -Redundant Space”.
You can also enable it through the Windows Azure Service Management API by setting SecondaryReadEnabled value to true

Keep coming back for more information about Windows Azure…

Windows Authentication Attacks & Forensics – Learn 4 Free

Windows Authentication Attacks and Forensics – See demonstrations of attackers using credential dependencies to gain elevated system access and to perform lateral movements. Learn how to prevent and detect many of these attacks.

Windows Security and Forensics Take a look at the current state of the security landscape, Windows Security, and what “computer forensics” are.

Windows Memory Attacks and Forensics Learn how and why hackers attack a system’s memory and see how Memory Forensics can help address the problem.

Windows Authentication Attacks and Forensics See demonstrations of how attackers use credential dependencies to gain elevated access to systems and to perform lateral movement. Learn how to prevent and detect many of these attacks.

Windows Forensics Explore Digital Forensics and find out what to do as a first responder to preserve evidence for legal actions.

Network Forensics Explore network forensics, along with with case studies, best practices, and online analysis techniques.

Malware Incident Response Learn about malware incident response, including identifying, locating, and removing malware.

Here’s the link to Microsoft Virtual Academy

You can watch the video on YouTube
Windows Security Erdal Ozkaya

Windows Security & Forensics Every organization should be prepared for cybercrime in its networks and on its computer systems. Do you have the skills to investigate fraud, insider threats and employee misuse?
Every IT Pro must learn how to extract key intelligence from Windows systems. Erdal Ozkaya is a leading expert on this topic. He will teach you how to recover key intelligence from Windows systems and help you become a digital forensic professional and incident responder.
Erdal teams up with Raymond Comvalius and Hasain “the Wolf”, Alshakarti to show how cybercrime works, how you can prevent it, and what to do when it does happen.
Erdal Ozkaya

Windows Activation v2 – Powerful and Free gGuide

Windows Activation v2
How do you activate your Windows 8 Copy VLK or MSDN-TechNet? There are two ways to activate your Windows 8 Copy. Choose the one you prefer, and follow the steps to enjoy your “Genuine Windows 8 Copy”.

To activate Windows 8 in one step, click on your “Windows Key” and type ” slui3”

Press your Windows Key, type “slui 3”

Click activate to enter your product key into the box


To activate your copy Windows, you must have at least “Local Administrator Rights” on your computer.
Double-check your licencing information details by clicking on :
CMD -> Slmgr/dlv

You can uninstall your product key by following these steps:

To install a new Product key:
slmgr/ipk “YOUR KEN”

To activate Windows 8 with your new product code via cmd:

PS: The command-line utility “slmgr”, which is part of Windows Script Host, is available to you as an option.
Enjoy Windows 8

Windows 11 Shutdown shortcut – In just 3 easy steps

Windows 11 Shutdown shortcut
Have you ever wondered how Windows 11 (and 10) can be shut down with just one click?
It’s easy, let’s do it in three very simple steps
1. Right-click any space on the desktop
Select New and then the shortcut shown in the screenshot below
Windows 11 Shut Down shortcut Enter the following command and click Next
C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /s

The same steps can be accomplished by browsing the location and then adding /s switch
You can read the entire article to find out more about the /s switch or to see a different option.
3. You can now name your shortcut whatever you like. In my case, I will call it “Shutdown My PC”.
Windows 11 Shutdown shortcut
Select the shortcut you just created, right click – go to Properties

Click on “Change Icon” to choose the icon that you want from the available options

Shutdown Command Options
/iThis shutdown option displays the Remote Shutdown Dialog. This is a graphical representation of the remote shutdown and restart options available in the command. All other options will be ignored and the /i switch must always be the first option.
/lThis option will log off the current user from the current machine immediately. To log off a remote machine, you cannot use the /l option in conjunction with the /m option. With /l, the /d,/t, or /c options are not available.
To shut down the remote computer, use /sUse This option in conjunction with the shutdown command.
/rThis option will shut off and then restart the local or remote computer specified by /m.
/gThis shutdown option works the same as /r but will also restart all registered applications after the reboot.
To stop a pending restart or shutdown, use /a If you want to stop a pending shutdown, restart or other action that was performed for remote computers, you should use the /m option.
The /pThis command option turns off all local computers. The /p option works in the same way as shutdown /s/f/t 0. This option cannot be used with /t.
/hExecuting this option with the shutdown command immediately puts the computer in hibernation. To put a remote computer in hibernation you cannot use the /h option together with the /m option. You also can’t use this option with either /t,/d or /c.
The /eThis option allows documentation of an unexpected shutdown in the Shutdown Tracker.
To close the current Windows session, use /oUse the switch to open the Advanced Boot Options menu. This option must be used in conjunction with /r. Windows 8 has a new start with the /o switch.
/hybridThis option shuts down the computer and prepares it for fast startup. Windows 8 has a new start feature called the /hybrid switch.
/fThis option causes running programs to close automatically. Except for the /l,/p and /h options shutdown’s /f option will not display a warning about the pending shutdown/restart.
/m computernameThis command option allows you to specify the remote computer on which you want to perform a shutdown or restart.
/txxxThis is the time in seconds between the execution and actual shutdown or restart. The time can range from 0 (immediately), to 315360000 (10 year). If you don’t use the option /t, then 30 seconds will be assumed. The /t option cannot be used with the /l or /h options.
u:]xx:yyThis records a reason for the restart or shutdown. The p option denotes a planned shutdown or restart, while the u option is a user-defined one. You can view a list of reasons for the shutdown and restart by using the shutdown command without options. If neither p or u are specified, the shutdown/restart will be recorded as not planned.
/c “comment” This command option allows you leave a comment explaining the reason for the restart or shutdown. You must include quotes around the following command: /c “comment”

How to make your team more creative by simplifying collaboration

Collaboration is a great way for teams to get more done together. Can you have too many great things?
Lisa Bodell, a TEDx speaker describes thinking as “a daring act” because companies often value doing something more than just thinking. This drive to “do” can lead to email overload and meeting overload which can make it difficult to do meaningful work.
Research supports her assertion. Many employees in companies claim that meetings, phone conversations, and emails consume 80% of their work week. This leaves only one week of work that makes a difference.
Something must change.
Lisa believes simplicity is the key to innovation. We couldn’t agree with you more. TeamGantt believes doing more with less is the best way to get started.
Back in the day, Nathan Gilmore was only able to spend 4 hours a week building TeamGantt. Collaboration is key to making significant progress.
TeamGantt’s core principle, creating space for work, is still the guiding principle of our team. This principle is how TeamGantt was able scale to serve thousands of customers with a small staff, no capital investment, and with no capital. This is why it is so important to help your team achieve work-life harmony. This is how you can put it to use and allow for innovation.
Reduce waste
Meetings are the heart of collaborative work. They are vital for your daily life. They are essential for your existence.
You can reduce waste and make meetings more productive. These meeting tips can help you score some quick wins.
Plan your meeting time
Meetings can build up quickly without anyone realizing. How can you stop calendar creep from happening?
Michael Mankins suggests that you establish a zero-based budget for funding your team’s meetings. Limit the time you have for meetings each week. The schedule must be updated if a new meeting is added.
TeamGantt loves the creativity that constraints bring to the table. Our team is encouraged by TeamGantt to find efficient ways to work together by limiting their meeting time. They are empowered not to attend unnecessary meetings.
Nix unproductive meetings
Although a meeting may seem important, it does not necessarily mean that it is. Consider the value it brings to your team before you add a meeting to your calendar.
What impact will the meeting have?
Is it worth everyone’s time?
Are you able achieve the meeting’s goals faster?
These questions should not be limited to new meetings. You can ensure that your team doesn’t suffer from unnecessary stress by challenging yourself to evaluate recurring meetings with the same standard.
Set the stage for action
It’s not fun to waste your time in meetings that end in the same place as they started. You must be able to have productive conversations immediately.
Clarify your goals. Before everyone meets at your table, you can share the meeting’s goals. This will save time and allow you focus on the reason they are here.
Limit invites. Only invite people who are open to participating in the conversation. For FYI, meeting notes will suffice.
Pay attention to the time. Keep the agenda and meeting goals close at hand to ensure that the discussion goes on as planned.
Don’t leave empty-handed. Every meeting should be filled with something to do and a decision.
Reward efficiency
If a meeting is necessary, why not encourage people to finish early? John Correlli, cofounder and CEO of TeamGantt, recently moved TeamGantt’s biweekly sprint planning meetings from the morning to the afternoon.
“The coolest thing I added to it was that sprint planning can be done after we’re done with the day. John explains that we don’t need any more work.
His team has been motivated by this reward to reduce side chatter, and make decisions quicker. “We were able cover the same ground plus an additional

Why should you do CCNA Security?

We all know that the internet is everywhere and everyone can access it. It is vital to manage the complex network of such an internet-based infrastructure.
Security is a major challenge worldwide, and it is not just about managing the network. Cisco recognizes this and has created the CCNA Security certification, which is an attempt to overcome the challenges faced by many.
The CCNA Security program offers security professionals a path to success. Security skills are highly sought after in the networking industry. Security is a top priority for IT workers as they deal with sensitive business data. IT requires people who are experts in this area, and the CCNA security certificate provides that. They need people who are able to identify and manage security threats. A certification in “Security” is a great benefit, as there is a growing market for network specialists. For recruiters, the skills gap is a significant problem. They cannot afford to put their security at risk. They seek out professionals who have a better understanding of security policies and the risks involved in handling large amounts of data.
After obtaining the CCNA Security certification, there are many career options available. These include Security administrator, Network security specialist, and Security support engineer. The CCNA Security certification will help you if you are interested in this career path. The certification training provides a detailed overview of security issues in networking technology. It also contains detailed information about the problems and how to solve them. It will also give you details about how different security policies affect a network, and how to manage them.
Most companies that deal with networking regard the certification highly and it would open up many job opportunities. CCNA security certification is a great way to gain recognition. It opens up more opportunities for those who enjoy working in the networking field and want to expand their security options.
People who have the CCNA security certification will find the CCNA Security an added benefit. It provides a foundation for understanding security processes. CCNA Security is a prerequisite for the Cisco CCSP professional-level certificate. The CCNA Security certificate will help you to grow in your career. The CCNA Security certificate can be a catalyst to help you develop your career and reach your career goals.
As mentioned above, CCNA Security offers many benefits to network engineers who want to specialize in security. There are many options for obtaining certification, with many institutes offering both online and classroom-based trainings. It helps to develop skills in network maintenance, installation, monitoring, and troubleshooting network devices to preserve integrity and confidentiality.
As with all things, new skills can help in personal growth. It is important to keep up with the latest technologies and changes in market. With the CCNA Security certification, one can expect to receive better remuneration packages than those without certifications.

Logitrain offers the best IT Training Courses. For more information, please visit Or call 1800 159 151.

Why should I trust you? (with Mike Clayton, OnlinePMCourses-The Digital Project Manager)

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Audio Transcription:
Ben Aston:
Stephen Coby says trust is the glue of life in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It is essential for effective communication. It is the foundation of all relationships. It is essential that project managers have the trust of their clients, teams, bosses, and colleagues.
It is essential that we deliver our projects. Trust allows us to focus on our work and not have people convince us to do what we want.
Trust is something we take as a given. We don’t think about how we can earn, maintain, or lose it. Listen to today’s Podcast and learn how to build trust, manage your projects, and make it easier.
We appreciate you tuning in. Digital Project Manager was founded by Ben Aston. Welcome to the DPM Podcast. We have a mission to help project managers succeed and deliver better results.
We are here for you to take your project to the next level. Check out to learn about the training and resources we offer through membership. This Podcast was brought to you by Clarizen, a pioneer in enterprise portfolio management and project management software. is a great site to start your search.
Mike Clayton joins me today. Mike Clayton is a doctor. He is the founder of and its CEO. The site provides tools and resources for project managers at all levels of their careers. Mike has written 14 books and has taken many courses. He was also a PM for Deloitte for 12 year. Mike, we are grateful that you are here today.
Ben, good afternoon. It’s a pleasure to be here. Happy New Year!
Ben Aston:
Thank you so much. Mike, I would like to ask you what’s new. This is a new Year. 2020 is here. What’s new for you?
There are many things happening. My YouTube channel will be my main focus for the year. You may have seen that I have an online PM training YouTube channel. I have seen the growth and decided to invest more in it.
I increased my video uploads from one to two per week at the end of fall. I plan to increase that number throughout the year and invest more money in better videos. Another aspect of my YouTube channel is that I am actually starting one.
Two YouTube channels. Yes, because I’ve been thinking for a while about the fact that project managers aren’t just project managers but also project managers of people involved in our projects. It is difficult for young project managers to acquire basic people skills.
Not everyone can afford to take courses offered through their employers. Although there is a lot of information online, it can be costly.
My YouTube channel Management Courses will provide structured management training for anyone. It will be particularly useful for young professionals, such as project managers, and those with no management experience. It will be a busy year.
Ben Aston:
It sounds like you have had a busy year.

Project Management is like Surviving the Hunger Games

**Spoiler alerts** If you haven’t read The Hunger Games, The First Book, this book is not recommended.
The UK general release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is available this week. The District selection, planning and achieving a clear goal. This sounds like project management.
Here are some reasons why project management is similar to The Hunger Games.
Your project needs a generous sponsor
Sponsors offer tribute gifts to the arena. Little parachutes will be given to generous sponsors who have a strong appeal.
Sponsors are required to negotiate for the resources, time, and money needed to complete your project. It is also a good idea to get your sponsor involved in communicating with your team and sharing the project vision.
It is important to have a flexible plan for your project.
It is impossible to predict when the arena might change. It can suddenly catch fire, then it rains. The powers can change the rules without notice.
Projects can be as unpredictable as other projects so it is important to be flexible with your planning. You might lose members of your team, or you might be asked by the boss to join. You suddenly find yourself with less time for certain tasks. Flexible scheduling and change management are two ways to deal with unexpected circumstances.
It is vital to have a creative team
Cinna and her team help Katniss prepare. Cinna’s creativity helps Katniss to see herself differently in the Games. He designed a Victory Tour dress that honored the deaths Thresh and Rue, for example. It is fair to say that her behind the scenes creativity in dressmaking was what helped her win the support of District residents.
To help you out of difficult situations, you can also use a creative team. Their expertise can be used to solve problems in your project.
Mentorship is essential
All tributes have mentors that have gone through their own trials. Haymitch is Katniss’ mentor. They can count on Haymitch for his knowledge and experience, as he is the District 12 victor and 50th Hunger Games winner.
When it comes to finding a mentor, you’ll likely have more options. Mentors can help you navigate the complexities of your job and open doors to new opportunities.
You need to be resourceful
Katniss has to use her wits in order to be resourceful. She makes the most of what she has, and doesn’t waste any, be it berries, nuts or bowmanship.
Resources are limited for projects. Don’t waste time or energy on things that aren’t important. You must focus on the tasks and people that are necessary to reach your overall goals and complete the project.
Project management, although not as violent as The Hunger Games, can be quite difficult. What can you do? Comment below.

Why project management is good business

You are ready to hire a project manager. It’s obvious. Maybe your team members are aware. Others don’t see the benefit of putting someone dedicated into that role.
It can be frustrating to feel like the only one advocating for project management in your company. We are here for you.
Maybe you are a designer or developer who fell into project management. You struggle to keep up with all the demands and still produce great work on time. Perhaps you are passionate about project management and would like to transition into a PM role. Perhaps you are a business owner who is comfortable managing projects, but now realizes that it’s becoming more difficult for you to manage your team and business.
No matter your situation, we can help you understand and even explain project management.
Understanding the business value and project management
Let’s start with the basics of project managing and how it can benefit your business.
Cost is a major concern when advocating for the addition of a project manager in your organization. It is important to weigh the long-term advantages of a project manger against any upfront costs.
Many people don’t realize the importance of project managers because they manage so many intangible tasks. When arguing for the hiring a project manager, make sure to communicate your case with executives. Your argument should be structured in a way that aligns the benefits of project management with the values of your leader or organization.
For example, you might point out that project management helps achieve these important business goals.
Setting goals and meeting deadlines
Increasing project profitability
Team morale
Earning customer loyalty
Keep important communications flowing
The salary and benefits of a project manager are not included in the cost. A successful project is the foundation of a successful business. It is worth having someone dedicated to your team to push you toward the win.
Do you need more evidence? These 7 stats show how powerful project management can be.
Why project management should be a job that is exclusively for you
Sometimes, project management is simply added to the existing duties. This may work for a while but it is not sustainable over the long-term. This is especially true when the person managing the projects on the side was not hired for the job.
Here are three reasons why a dedicated manager of projects is a worthwhile investment.
Motivation and morale are better
Some people don’t like project mangers and even fewer want to be one. It is important that you clearly define your roles. This will improve morale and motivate. People will be more productive when they are valued for their expertise, and given the chance to develop their strengths.
Better resource utilization
It is also important that you consider the cost of split attention. Consider a designer/developer who doubles up as a manager of a project. Next, think about how that resource is being utilized to its full potential. They won’t be as efficient and effective if they constantly switch between tasks. Expert PMs can deliver better results for your team and projects.
Vision and strategy that unify
Many people see project managers as administrative task masters. A project manager should be a strategic resource that aligns the project goals with the overall business goals. The whole picture can be lost if project management is spread among many team members within a company.
Signs that it is time for project managers to be hired
No matter what your job title is, if it’s working, you can be proud.