AWS publishes Couchbase Quickstart There is now a Quick Start to use Couchbase, the popular document-oriented NoSQL NoSQL database on Amazon Web Services Inc.’s (AWS). Couchbase is a distributed multi-model data platform that includes the open-source Couchbase Server (formerly known as Membase), which is optimized for interactive applications, and Couchbase Mobile, which is an embedded, full-stack offering for devices. Couchbase is ranked No.1 by the DB-Engines database ranking website. Couchbase is the No. 3 product in document store category, after MongoDB or Amazon DynamoDB. AWS users who don’t want to use DynamoDB, the cloud giant’s homegrown document-store system, can now use the new Couchbase for AWS Quick Start as an alternative. AWS stated in a blog last month that the enterprise-class Couchbase Data Platform included Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile. It was designed to power engaging mobile, IoT and Web applications. “Couchbase Server, a cloud-native NoSQL database, is designed with a distributed architecture to improve performance, scalability and availability. It allows developers to create applications by combining the power of SQL and the flexibility of JSON. Couchbase Mobile features an embedded database, security and real-time sync with the highly-scalable Couchbase Server. The Quick Start was created by Couchbase Inc., ClearScale, and AWS. It uses Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), which are available from AWS Marketplace, and offers two subscription options. This Quick Start shows how to deploy Couchbase into a new project or into existing AWS infrastructure. Automatic deployment is handled by AWS CloudFormation templates that can be customized. AWS stated that the templates, which are available on GitHub, can be used by themselves to start new projects. The guidance tool enables AWS users to leverage the power of AWS:

  • A virtual private cloud (VPC), configured across multiple Availability Zones with a public subnet within each zone. A deployment can include two, three, or more Availability Zones. *
  • An Internet gateway that allows access to the Internet.
  • Couchbase instances can have outbound internet access through managed NAT gateways
  • An IAM role that grants fine-grained permissions to access AWS services. Security groups can restrict access to the necessary protocols and ports.
  • Auto Scaling groups and launch configurations of Couchbase Server and Couchbase Synchro Gateway. The Quick Start deploys four Couchbase Server and two Couchbase Sync Gateway instances by default. For those who wish to provision additional instances, these defaults can be modified during deployment.
  • For load balancing across servers, Elastic Load Balance is integrated with Auto Scaling.

You can find all details in the PDF “Couchbase on AWS Cloud”

AWS Program to Place and Train UK Workers

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), just a month ago, announced its new London-based Europe region. Today, the company announced a training program and job placement program for AWS cloud-based computing and development in the U.K.
The program, called AWS re-Start, is designed to teach young people, military veterans and reservists, as well as their spouses, about the workings behind the AWS cloud. The program aims to reduce the UK’s growing shortage of digital skills and to enlist businesses to recruit participants.
The site states that AWS re-Start is a collaboration with QA Consulting and The Prince’s Trust and the Ministry of Defense (MoD). It brings together AWS Partner Network partners and customers to offer work placements for 1,000 people. AWS re-Start is AWS’s commitment to helping all types of organizations and all levels of developers transition to cloud computing.
“AWS Re:Start” introduces more people and addresses the need for more cloud computing staff.
AWS-certified instructors will lead technical training classes, and their students will get work experience with on the job training. They will learn how to design, build and architect cloud-based applications while leveraging AWS technologies; how best to set up new clouds leveraging best practices such as security compliance; and how to create applications using SDKs in Python and other popular languages.
The company has so far attracted more than 11 partners and customers to assist with the program, offering job placements for program participants.
The re:Start website states that AWS re:Start was designed to accommodate different levels of experience. Even those without technical knowledge can sign up.
The company also stated that “The Prince’s Trust will support students through their ‘Get into Technology’ Program with mentoring, soft skills, and help in applying to jobs, including resume writing and interviewing skills.”
Participants in re:Start-to-place will be able hire workers for a minimum of two weeks, then decide whether or not to hire them as employees or contractors.

AWS Previews OpenJDK Service for Java Development

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), launched a preview service that was based on its Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK) build.
AWS promised Java developers that their version of the popular open-source Java kit could be used in conjunction with long-term support by the company as a value-add for the new Amazon Corretto preview.
AWS will also use its institutional experience and developer resources to improve the core OpenJDK Build with patches that include security fixes, performance enhancements, garbage collection scheduling, and preventing out of memory situations. There are also other benefits like better monitoring, reporting, and thread management. OpenJDK is an open-source, free implementation of Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE), supported by major development companies such as Oracle, Red Hat and IBM, Apple, and many more.
The Java ecosystem has been mired in legal disputes for a long time. OpenJDK’s GNU General Public License Version 2 licensing could make it a more attractive option for enterprise Java development. AWS is looking to make the offering even more appealing by adding support.
Arun Gupta, an AWS blogger, stated that Java is one of the most used languages by AWS customers. He also said that Java will be supported and kept free. “Many customers are concerned that they will have to pay for long-term Java support to run their workloads.
He mentioned that Java had been supported by AWS for its Amazon Linux distro before adding: “But, our customers and other Java users can run Java on a variety platforms, both on- and off-AWS.” We are pleased to announce the preview for Amazon Corretto, an Amazon-exclusive, multiplatform distribution of OpenJDK that is production-ready and free of cost.
Corretto is expected to be available in the first quarter next year. It will ship with Ubuntu Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms. The initial preview offering (Corretto 8 corresponding to OpenJDK 8) can run on-premises, in the cloud, or locally. Initial platform support includes Amazon Linux 2, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Docker images.
AWS assured Java developers who use Corretto that they would receive free support for many years to come. “Amazon will distribute security upgrades to Corretto 8 at minimum June 2023 and to Corretto 11 at least August 2024. Corretto also includes targeted backports of newer releases as well as newly-developed enhancements by the OpenJDK Community. Releases are tested on thousands of Amazon services. This makes it possible to release fixes within days of discovering issues.
You can download the preview here.

AWS Previews Linux-Based Container OS Bottlerocket has been released as a public preview by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This stripped-down Linux platform is specifically designed to host containers. AWS claims that Bottlerocket is “purpose-built” to host containers, as opposed to general-purpose operating systems such as the Amazon Linux server platform. AWS explained that general-purpose operating systems require that updates be applied one at a time. Bottlerocket, however, has a “single step update mechanism” which greatly simplifies the process. AWS evangelist Jeff Barr wrote in a blog post that Bottlerocket’s public preview stated that instead of a package-based update system, it uses an image-based model that allows for a quick & complete rollback if needed. This eliminates the possibility of conflicts and breakage and makes it easier to apply fleet-wide updates confidently using orchestrators like EKS [Amazon Elastic Container Service For Kubernetes]. According to AWS, the simplicity of Bottlerocket’s update model lends itself to automation. It promises easy update rollbacks and fewer errors, as well as a reduced downtime. According to AWS, Bottlerocket was limited to the software components that are required to run containers. The FAQ lists the components as follows:

  • Minimal OS includes the Linux kernel (5.4), the system software and containerd as container runtime.
  • Atomic update mechanism to apply or rollback OS updates in one step.
  • Integrations with container orchestrators like Amazon EKS are possible to manage and orchestrate the updates.
  • An “Admin container” can be run to perform advanced troubleshooting or debugging.

AWS stated that by stripping Bottlerocket down to its essentials, its attack surface and resource consumption is much lower than general-purpose operating system. Instructions for the Bottlerocket preview are available here. More information is available here. According to the FAQ, general availability is expected “later this year.”

AWS Previews Java SDK Common Runtime HTTP Client

Amazon Web Services (AWS), introduced a new HTTP client this week for the AWS SDK Java 2.0.
The AWS Common Runtime HTTP Client (CRT HTTP) was released as a preview. It is an asynchronous, nonblocking HTTP client that is built on top the Java bindings of AWS Common Runtime.
Zoe Wang, AWS software developer, wrote in a blog post that “You can use CRT HTTP client for features such as improved performance and connection health checks and post-quantum TLS [Transport Layer Security] support.” In her blog post, Wang explains in detail how to use AWS CRT HTTP Client.
The AWS SDK Java 2.0 was first presented in 2017. It was a major rewrite and rewrite of Java 11.x. It was built on Java 8 and included many frequently requested features such as non-blocking I/O support and the ability to use an alternative HTTP implementation at runtime.
This is the second Java SDK-supported first-party asynchronous HTTP Client. The Netty HTTP Client was the first.
The CRT HTTP client has many other benefits. It reduces the startup time of the SDK. According to AWS, the client is able to start cold faster than other HTTP clients that are supported by the SDK. In fact, current customers of the NettyNioAsyncHttpClient could see performance improvements of up to 46 percent, Wang said, depending on the application configuration. “In addition to cold start improvements,” Wang said. “When we compared NettyNioAsyncClient with CRT HTTP client in our local testing using Java Microbenchmark Harness, (JMH), we saw throughput improvements of up to 17 percent for concurrent API call and up to 32 percent sequential API calls.”
The CRT HTTP client now supports DNS load balancing. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which caches DNS name lookups, does so for a specified time period known as the time to live (TTL).
Wang explained that DNS name entries used in AWS services may occasionally change. Therefore, it is important to set the TTL value to a smaller value so that it periodically refreshes its cached IP data. Customers may need to manually set the TTL value via the system property. This is often done with existing HTTP clients. It can often take extensive research and testing to find the right value.
Wang explained that the CRT HTTP client features an asynchronous DNS resolver, which polls each requested DNS address at a regular interval. Customers don’t have to set the TTL value.
The CRT HTTP client allows users to configure connection monitoring options. A feature in the AWS Key Management Service(AWS KMS), which adds new, postquantum cipher suites for connecting to AWS KMS API endspoints, also allows users to configure health checks. Wang stated that “Post-quantum TLS provides additional security to protect your TLS traffic against being decrypted in the future by a large-scale quantum computing machine.”
This release has a short list of limitations. The CRT HTTP client supports only HTTP/1.1 protocol. It cannot be used with SDK clients that need HTTP/2 support. Wang stated that while client-side metrics are generally accessible, specific HTTP metrics for CRT are not yet implemented. “We plan to implement this feature, which will allow you to detect, diagnose and monitor the resources within the CRT HTTP Client, in a near future.”

AWS Reports Strong Growth in Q3, Opens Germany Datacenter

Despite’s poor performance overall, Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) Inc. showed strong growth in its fiscal third quarter. reported Thursday that it had generated $20.58 billion in revenue during the quarter. This is a 20% increase year-over-year. Wall Street had expected the company to report revenue of $20.58 billion. Analyst expectations of a $0.74 decrease in shares were exceeded by a $0.95 drop in shares. The company reported a net loss in Q3 of $437 million
However, sales for “Other”, which mainly includes the AWS business, increased by 40% year-over-year to $1.34 billion. AWS usage in Q3 increased by approximately 90 percent, just like it did in Q2. cited this week’s launch the AWS Directory Service Launch as one of its milestones this year. The company stated that AWS has been enhanced with more than 350 new services and features this year.
New Frankfurt Datacenter announced a cloud milestone on Thursday with the opening of a new AWS Datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany.
The Frankfurt datacenter, which is the second AWS Datacenter in the European Union (the other being in Ireland), brings the total number worldwide of AWS regions to 11. According to Jeff Barr, AWS evangelist, it supports most AWS services.
Barr wrote that the new Frankfurt Region supports Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2) and related services including Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (EBS), Amazon Elastic Block Store, Amazon Elastic Block Store, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing. It also supports AWS Elastic Beanstalk and AWS CloudFormation.
The Frankfurt datacenter offers European customers an alternative to the Ireland datacenter. It allows them to store their data in Europe while also improving latency and fault tolerance. This is especially important in the post-PRISM environment, where cloud providers are under greater scrutiny for data protection and privacy.
Andy Jassy, AWS Senior Vice President, stated that German users are particularly cautious about cloud data being stored offshore.
Jassy stated that “What we found with our German clients, perhaps more than other places in this world is they have passion for the data to dwell in-country.”
Barr stated that the Frankfurt datacenter adheres to “all applicable EU Data Protection Laws.”

New Course: Professional Development Operations with Azure

Azure DevOps makes it easy to deliver products and services quickly and efficiently. Michael Levan, a new CBT Nuggets trainer, just finished his first course, Professional DevOps With Azure. This teaches you how to use Azure DevOps.
This intermediate-level course contains 73 videos. It is designed for DevOps professionals with three to five years experience with orchestration tools. This course is designed to improve your proficiency in orchestration tools. Michael will cover the following topics:
Designing DevOps strategies
Implementing CI/CD
Deploying to preferred platforms
Monitoring performance
CI/CD is used to build and deploy.

Because Azure DevOps can be used by newer or aspiring DevOps professionals, it is language-, platform and cloud provider-agnostic. This course can be a great resource for DevOps professionals.
Azure DevOps is a great addition to your IT toolbox. Watch Michael’s course now!
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Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Agent (PCNSA) – A new course. CBT Nuggets trainer Keith Barker teaches security professionals the knowledge they need to create next generation security platforms and architectures, security policies, filtering, network monitoring, security and NAT policies. The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator certification was created for security professionals as well as customers, value-added resellers, system engineers, system integrators, and system administrators. Our PCNSA training will give you the latest tools to protect networks against emerging cyber threats. It also explains in detail the core features and functions Palo Alto Networks next generation firewalls. This 15-part series covers topics like next-generation Security Platform and Architecture and firewall Configuration. Security and NAT Policies are also covered. You can watch a video of the series. The skills include: Palo Alto Firewall Lab, EVE-NG Palo Alto Security Policy Fundamentals Palo Alto Source NAT & DHCP Palo Alto Security policy Fundamentals Palo Alto Virtual Wire Interfaces Palo Alto App ID Palo Alto SSL/TLS Encryption Palo Alto Site to Site VPNs Palo Alto User -ID Training includes: 12 hours of training and 97 videos. Get started learning Palo Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto-to-to-to-to-to-to-ID Intro Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto-to-to-to-to-to-to-to-to-to-Site VPNs Palo Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alto Alta Video Download

Microsoft Word 2019: A New Course

You may be mistaken if you think that you are an expert in Word. Microsoft recently released Word 2019 with several key features. Simona Millham, CBT Nuggets trainer, has created a Word training course that will help you whether you are a beginner or an expert user.
Simona’s latest training covers both advanced and basic features in Word 2019.
This course covers the following topics:
Collaboration and co-authoring in real-time
Identifying and solving document layout problems
Creating professional-looking documents
Working with long documents
You can save time and improve accuracy.

This course includes:
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Start training6 hours
47 videos
In-video quizzes

You don’t want to use the on-prem Microsoft Word version? It’s not a problem. CBT Nuggets also offers a 50 video course on Microsoft Word for Office 365 subscribers.
You can watch a video of the course:

Are you interested in Office? Here are some posts from the CBT Nuggets Blog that you might find fascinating:
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How to collaborate with Microsoft Teams

Simona, get ready to level up to Word 2019!
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Microsoft Windows Server 70-412 – New Course

CBT Nuggets introduces “Microsoft Windows Server 71-412.”
Microsoft’s 70-412 exam, Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Server Services, is not an easy exam. This new course by Tim Warner will help you master the exam and all the advanced features of Server 2012.
This course covers all 70-412 exam objectives. It also covers advanced network services, failover Clustering, and disaster Recovery. Passing the 70-412 exam is a significant step towards earning a Server 2012 MCSE or MCSA.
CBT Nuggets now offers a complete range of Server 2012 training from 70-410 to 70-417, after this course has been completed!
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