Microsoft Server 2012 70-414 – R2

Chris Ward recently completed the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 70-414 course with R2 Updates. In 31 videos, he covers the advanced aspects of Server 2012 with R2, including designing and implementing enterprise solution, planning and implementing virtualization hosts and more. This training prepares you to take the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), exam in Server Infrastructure.
Chris was kind enough to talk to us about the course and his tips for conquering this technology.
Q: Why should companies train IT personnel in Server 2012 R2? Windows Server 2012 R2 has become one of the most popular operating systems on the planet. This is an area that you can be certified in and use, as it includes free virtualization software and tools to maintain almost any IT infrastructure. This technology has a lot of depth. You can unlock the potential for your business by training your employees on these technologies.
Q: Which was your favorite Nugget you created?Active Directory Rights Management Services. This topic is very dear to me as a Microsoft Office Specialist. Amber Barker, our new illustrator, helped to create a story about this technology which will resonate with all audiences.
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Start trainingQ: What obstacles did you encounter when creating this series on enterprise-wide server infrastructure? The problem is that you are not able to create virtualization within virtualization. Since I don’t have a Data Center at home, I had to be creative in order to show Virtual Machine Manager.
Q: What was your student perspective when creating this course? I am unapologetic in saying that this Nugget series focuses on the exam. It’s the last step to obtaining your MCSE Server Infrastructure. The exam is not about “How do I do this …”” vs. “Why would this technology or method be used?” This Nugget series will not help you understand the intricacies and nuances of AD FS or SC Operation Manager.
Q: Do you have any tips for students who want to get the most from their course? If you attempt to create a virtual lab, you’ll encounter my roadblock. You should learn how to use PowerShell to install HyperV roles on your virtual machines. You should also be comfortable thinking in Microsoft’s way more than usual.
Q: What is the one thing you hope learners will take away from this training program? I hope they realize that Windows Server 2012 R2 is an amazing server operating system, regardless of how much our industry mocks it. Windows Server 2012 R2 is packed with powerful technologies and incredible tools to make IT administrators’ lives easier.
Q: What is one real-world application that someone can expect to use? If you have never used System Center 2012 before, this course will show you how to set it up and how to plan for granting Self-Service capabilities to groups to fire up their own VMs by simply going on a website and clicking on it.
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Microsoft Server 2012 70-411 and R2 Updates

Do you want to be a Server 2012 administrator. Get ready to learn SPOTO with the new SPOTO training course “Microsoft Server 2012 70-411 and R2 Updates.”
Microsoft has updated its 70-411 exam to R2, and James Conrad has redesigned this training course to incorporate the new updates.
This 38-video course teaches James how to manage Microsoft’s most popular server, Windows Deployment Service, VPN, and monitoring servers.
Here’s a complete list of videos included in the course:
Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity Training
Start trainingIntroduction To Administering Windows Server 2012R2 70-411
Windows Deployment Services: Configuring and Installing
Powershell for WDS Driver Packages & Groups
Windows Deployment Service: Server Properties and Discover images
Windows Deployment Services – Image Modification and Capture
Active Directory Authentication Services
Active Directory: UGMC & Operations Masters
Active Directory: RODC & Cloned Domain Controllers
Active Directory Maintenance
Active Directory: Account Policies
Part 1: Group Policy Objects
Group Policy Objects Part 2
Part 3: Group Policy Objects
Group Policy Objects Part 4
Part 5: Group Policy Objects
Group Policy Objects: Part 6
Group Policy Objects Part 7
Part 1: VPN
Part 2 of VPN
VPN: Part 3 Routing
Part 4: VPN
RADIUS and Network Address Translation
RADIUS Templates & Network Policy Processing
Network Access Protection Part 1
Network Access Protection Part 2
DNS Part 1
DNS Part 2
Proxy for Web Applications
File Server Resource Manager Part 1
File Server Resource Manager Part 2
Distributed File System R2
BitLocker and Encrypting File System
Part 1: Monitoring Servers
Part 2: Monitoring Servers
Monitoring Servers Part 3
Monitoring Servers Part 4
Part 1 of Windows Server Update Services
Windows Server Update Services Part 2
This course prepares students to take the 70-411 exam, which is the second of three exams required to earn MSCA: Windows Server 2012 certification.
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Online MB2-706 – New

Brian Alderman has just completed his “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online MB2-706”, training that focuses on implementing, maintaining, and improving Microsoft’s customer relationship management software within Office 365. This quick 12-video course covers topics like managing instances, online configurations, and data encryption.
We reached out to Brian to learn more about Dynamics CRM 2015 and how you can get the most out of his training.
Q: Why should companies train IT staff in this technology? It is important to understand how CRM 2015 Online works and how it is managed. You will learn how to configure Dynamics CRM Online to maximize its power, ease of use, and capabilities as an IT Pro.
Q: What was your student perspective when creating this course? Dynamics CRM 2015 Online is integrated with Office 365. I wanted to make sure that the integration was clear and how it impacts the configuration and management of CRM 2015 Online.
Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity Training
Start trainingQ: Do you have any tips for students? Take advantage of the 30-day trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. You will have an on-premises environment where you can practice the steps covered throughout the course.
Q: Which one of these real-world applications can someone expect to use? Dynamics CRM 2015 Online allows you to manage and configure Dynamics CRM 2015 Online, allowing you to implement it within your company.
Q: Which Nugget was your favorite? The Miscellaneous Dynamics CRM Online Configuration Nugget, as we cover many interesting topics about CRM 2015 Online in this Nugget.
Q: What were the obstacles you faced when creating this training? It is important to know the Office 365 Admin Center. I have included a Nugget to help you navigate and explore the Office 365 Admin Center. This will be helpful when you work with CRM Online.
Q: What is the ONE thing that you hope learners will take away from this training? Being comfortable with Office 365 Admin Center, and being able to use Dynamics CRM 2015 Online from within the Admin Center.
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New Course: What’s new in Server 2016?

Microsoft has released Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5. The industry is abuzz! SPOTO trainer Garth Schulte covers some of the most important and product-defining features in Server 2016. This will give you an advantage over other highly-anticipated features such as Nano Server, Containers and Storage Spaces Direct. Garth’s new course features virtual labs that will give you the practical experience you need to get started with this exciting product.
Garth spoke to us about his new course, and how we can help our learners get more from training.
Q: Why should companies teach their IT staff Windows Server 2016? It is the best server OS Microsoft has ever released! It is brimming over new features, while building upon previous innovations across Compute, Security, Virtualization, Storage, Security, Virtualization, etc., which will improve the efficiency and workloads of our infrastructure, staff, and workloads.
Q: What was your learner perspective? Our goal was to cover the most important new features that will impact everyone. These features will be essential for IT leaders, administrators, and developers to fully harness the power and potential of Server 2016.
Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity Training
Start trainingQ: Do you have any tips for learners to make the most of your course? Follow along with the new Nugget-level virtual labs. You can’t get better information about Server 2016 than by experiencing them firsthand. Watch. Learn. Lab. Conquer.
Q: What is one real-world application that someone can expect to use? You’ll be able to test these new features in our lab environment, and start the planning and preparation phase. This will give you a head start on the Server 2016 MCSA certification.
Q: Which was your favorite Nugget you made? You can’t stop me from choosing two! 1) Nano Server — because it’s fun and easy to deploy a tiny, headless Windows OS. 2) Storage Spaces Direct — because we create a cluster of Nano Servers in order to showcase the next big thing for software-defined storage.
Q: What is the most important thing that you hope learners will take away from this training course? The insight into why and how Windows Server will change the way we think about infrastructure in future.
Q: This course has virtual labs. What are virtual labs? How do they affect the learner experience? A virtual lab is a computer network or computer that you can use to follow along and get hands-on experience. This course includes a virtual lab that is tailored to each Nugget, so you can quickly and easily play with Windows Server 2016’s latest features.
Are you ready to explore Server 2016? Here’s a sample from Garth’s new course.

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New Course: VMware VirtualSphere 6.5 (VCP6.5 DCV)

SPOTO trainer Keith Barker just completed his VMware vSphere 6.5 course (VCP6.5 DCV), setting you up for success using the latest version of VMware’s virtualization product. Keith created virtual labs that will accompany the course. This will give you the practical skills needed to succeed in the real world and on the VMware certification exam.
This 74-video course teaches Keith the skills and knowledge required to create and maintain highly available, scalable virtual infrastructures with VMware vSphere. You can practice as you watch, while learning about vCenter Server, high reliability, fault tolerance, optimization and security.
Keith answered our questions about his course and how to get more from your learning.
Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity Training
Start trainingQ: Why should companies train employees on VMware vSphere 6.5 IT professionals find vSphere 6.5 skills very valuable. What value does vSphere bring to an organization?VMware’s vSphere virtualization environment is one of the dominant solutions when implementing in-house data centers. The engineers and technicians will benefit from any knowledge or skills gained regarding vSphere.
Find out why virtualization is so important to us.
Q: What was your learner perspective when creating this course? One of the objectives was for the learner not only to understand the concepts, but also to get hands-on experience in our virtual labs. This will reinforce the training and help the learner build their skills.
Q: Do you have any tips for learners that will help them get the most from your course? If you’re enjoying the content and the labs then feel free to do one or two Nuggets and Labs per day (or more). You can also use your Netflix binging skills here.
Q: Microsoft’s Hyper-V efforts have been very popular. It is a formidable tool. You’ve recently completed a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 training course as well as a vSphere 6.5 training course. What are your thoughts about how Hyper-V and vSphere compare in this regard? People don’t like paying twice for the same thing. It is a good idea to use Hyper-V if a company has made a significant investment in Microsoft. This includes server licensing for Hyper-V. To avoid any resentment from either side, I will state that IT professionals should be trained in the virtualization technology they choose to use. Keith, that’s a very politically correct response! Bravo!
Q: Citrix and Cisco are also being discussed in virtualization discussions, even though Microsoft and VMware seem to be the most popular. You should also consider these options. This mix contains both apples and oranges. Cisco certifications are at the top of the stack for infrastructure networking. VMware is currently at the top of virtualization. Microsoft is the leader in network OS and directory services. For many learners, I believe this would be a solid starting point:
CompTIA Network+
CompTIA Security+
Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching
Microsoft MMS: Windows Server 2016
VMware vSphere6.5
Learn how to become a virtualization expert in just four steps.
Q: Which was your favorite Nugget that you made in this course?
They were all very enjoyable. One of my favorites is the one that involved installing the ESXi from scratch in a hands-on lab environment. I believe that learners will enjoy the idea of building the entire vSphere infrastructure using the provide.

Best PMI-ACP Exam Prep books

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Are you looking to become a PMI Agile Certified Professional (PMI ACP)(r). Students who are most successful include reading a variety of PMI-ACP books as part of their exam prep as well as a training program for that extra comfort.
It is also helpful to have books that you can refer to if you are unable to access your training materials. A book will give you a deeper dive into the topic than a training manual.
Below is a list of the top agile books that you can use to help you with your certification studies. These books are not only guides, but they also provide insight into agile. All of them are included on PMI’s exam materials list.
You don’t have to read every book on the agile exam reading list. Choose a few that you like and are within your budget. You can also choose books that fill in the gaps. If you have a lot of experience with Kanban, then it is not worth spending time reading Kanban in Action (Marcuse Hammerberg and Joakin Sonden). You would be better off investing your time in User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development (Mike Cohn).
These are not exam study guides. They are not intended to help you pass the syllabus. You can find them in my list of the top agile study guides.
Are you short on time? Choose one book to complement your PMI-ACP studies. I recommend User Stories Applied by Mike Cohn for Agile Software Development.
The Agile PrepCast$229.00 A complete PMI-ACP exam prep course. You’ll be quickly on your way to agile certification. Self-paced, with video training modules. This course is a favorite of Cornelius Fichtner, a respected trainer. It’s an affordable way to prepare for your exam. Upgrades are available to add the exam simulator or study guidebooks.
Learn moreWe earn commission when you click this link and purchase a book from the PMI-ACP.
I have read and reviewed many books so I feel confident in recommending them to you. I have also spoken to many authors and met many project management trainers throughout the years.
Continue reading to see my analysis and reviews on the best PMI ACP prep books that will help explain agile methodologies and earn your certification.
1. Robert K. Wysocki: Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile and Extreme
Robert Wysocki provided me with my favorite definition of project management, which I use in all of my training courses.
This book, published by Wiley, is now in its 8th edition. Despite having the most boring cover, it is still relevant today. Part 3 covers agile and hybrid project management within complex settings. There are also a few case studies in the appendices that will help you better understand the practical application of these methods in real life.
This book’s first section covers traditional project management methods. You will be able to compare and contrast them. This book is ideal for those who have a linear, predictive approach to project management and want to learn more about iterative project management.
Amazon: Buy
2. Jim Highsmith: Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products
Jim Highsmith is another well-known name in agile, so I recommend this book for a guide to agile product delivery.
It is quite old, and the most recent edition has been around a while. It covers all the important topics, and is organized around the agile manifesto. Chapter 5 covers agile project management and the rest of the book covers project lifecycle and process in detail.

Best CAPM Exam Prep Tools 2022

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You are here because you want to be a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM(r)) and without spending a lot of money on study guides.
You’re in the right spot. You can find our reviews below of some of the top CAPM exam preparation materials. Here are our suggestions if you have limited time.
Best CAPM prep course: The PrepCast for CaPM
PrepCast’s CAPM Exam Simulator is the best CAPM exam simulator
Best CAPM Exam Prep book: CAPM Exam Practice by Rita Mulcahy
Continue reading if you want to know why these recommendations are tops on our list, and to see other study materials that can help you earn your CAPM credential.
CAPM Study Materials
PMI’s CAPM certificate is an entry-level qualification that demonstrates people have the knowledge and ability to work in a project setting. It is recognized by organizations around the globe and requires a lengthy application process as well as a 3-hour exam. Also, you will need to prove that you have completed 23 hours in project management education. This is where the study materials come into play.
You can claim any training you have received in the past, such as modules of your project management degree or in-house courses offered by your employer. However, most people opt for a CAPM prep class.
This article will discuss the best CAPM exam prep courses, as well as exam simulators that can help you study for the exam.
CAPM Exam Simulators
The PM PrepCast to CAPM
The CAPM Exam Simulator is the top choice because it offers the best CAPM practice tests. It is easy to use, but it mimics real life. The statistics impressed me. It allows you to see your results in great detail, which is a time-saver. You can focus on the areas that you did not do well on the test questions and review the recommended resources to help you recall those topics. You can track your progress with the analysis so you can see where you are going.
This is the CAPM study tool you should buy if you only have one CAPM study tool. It can be used in conjunction with A Guide To the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKr) Guide), and you may not need any other tools.
In my review of PM Exam Simulator, Project Management Professional (PMP(r)) test questions, the PM Exam Simulator ranked first. Find out why.
CAPM Practice Exams
By James L. Haner, Cate McCoy
Is there a book in the simulator section? Yes. The book contains over 1000 questions and includes an online test tool. It’s worth investing in a digital simulator to help you adjust to sitting for three hours to complete a test. I don’t normally sit that long, and I’m constantly interrupted or having meetings so this isn’t my top choice.
It is worth having a book that you can take with you, flip through, take notes, and then continue your online learning. It’s a hybrid product, and past students have reviewed it as helping them pass the test.
CAPM Prep Courses
Many students choose to take a training course instead of taking test questions.
The PM PrepCast to CAPM
This is my top choice for the best online CAPM training. The PM PrepCast is an online course that Cornelius Fichtner (PMP, CSM) offers. It is a 23-hour course. His company is a trusted provider of training and has received great reviews from their satisfied (and certified! So you can be sure that the course has been thoroughly vetted and is of high quality.
This course fulfills the PMI requirements for formal Project Management Education and provides you with a Certificate of Evidence in case yourPMPapplication needs to be audited.
The online course is delivered via video, audio, and through an online platform. Log in and all the information is available on one website.
Looking for PMP Exam Pr

Best Books for Women in Project Management

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This video features my top four books for women in leadership positions and women in project management. Scroll down to see more information about these books and a few other favorites that I love.

1. HBR Press: Getting it All Done
This book is part of the Harvard Business Review Press Working Parents Series and includes stories, tips, and strategies for a job that never ends. It was there that I learned about value-based scheduling.
There are many insights here for parents who have to balance parenting and work.
These strategies are not possible in many jobs because you don’t have enough flexibility. It’s difficult to say, “I’ll miss Friday because I’m reading with the preschoolers in my child’s class,” if you work shifts.
Project management is a flexible job. If your workplace culture supports you, you will be able make the most of this flexibility.
Check out my complete review of Getting It All Done.
2. Heels of Steel by Vanessa Vallely
Vanessa manages a network of women that connects the major networks in the city.
This book focuses on her fascinating career story. The bulk of the book is about her career and how she got to where she is today.
You can easily learn from her experiences like how she arranged for jobs, found great mentors, and worked hard to succeed.
The last part of the book is more a guide to career success. It highlights things she has learned and wants to pass on.
Vanessa is an inspiring woman I have met many times.
3. Deborah M. Kolb and Judith Williams take Her Place at the Table. Carol Frohlinger takes Carol Frohlinger’s place at the Table.
This book contains many case studies and gives examples of women who made career choices to improve their careers. The books’ overall goal is to help you identify what you want from your career and then help you go out and get it.
This is not a guideline for a career. It’s about how you can tailor your career to suit your needs. This means that you must put in the work both during and after your reading.
If you are serious about your career success at this stage in your life, you will find some helpful tips on how to find the right path.
Donald Asher: 4. Who gets promoted and why
This book dispels the myth that if one works hard and does a good job, you will be rewarded. In real life, that is not true. It’s also suitable for men, so you can share it your entire team.
The book disproves the myth that hard work is the only way to achieve career success. It then discusses how to make your career successful.
This book is for you if you’ve ever wondered how to make yourself and your accomplishments more appealing without sounding boastful.
Check out my review of Who Gets Promoted and Who Doesn’t, and Why
Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris5. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, Beyond the Boys’ Club
This book was a long time ago. I took many notes while reading it. It’s a book that I have kept because I know it will be available again one day.
It is practical and has lots of useful tips. It offers a lot of tips and advice about how to navigate office politics, what you should wear, and other important information. There is also plenty of advice for how to navigate the corporate corridors.
Although it focuses on jobs in cities and traditionally male-dominated industries such as construction, the advice can be applied to all industries.
Check out my review of Beyond The Boys’ Club.
6. Elise Stevens: Unlocking the Opportunity
This book will answer your questions about whether project management is a career that’s right for you.

Benefits Management Template [Free download]

I asked our Facebook group members what templates they would like me to create. Denise replied that she wanted to create a simple plan for benefits management.
Benefits management can be confusing. Is it the responsibility of the project manager? Is it the job of the business owner? How can we all work together to reap the benefits?
All of these things can be managed with the benefits management plan.

What is a Benefits Management Plan and how do you define it?
The benefits chain
Identifying the benefits
How to use the Benefits Management Plan Template (Word version)
Next steps

This is the first page in the template you can download from our Resource Library in Word format. You can then edit it for your projects.
The business case should clearly show the benefits.
The job of the project manager is to ensure that the business achieves the benefits by delivering the enablers, business change and a tracking system. new reports etc
After the project is completed, the business owner is responsible to track benefits and report back to their line manager. ensuring that people get the benefits they are entitled to.
Track benefits only for a brief period after the project. Consider when a benefit becomes “just the way we do our business around here”. It is impossible to track product sales 5 years after launch. Benefits become normal expectations at some point. This will likely occur in the next financial years after the benefit begins to take effect. Track it until the end and then the new improved situation becomes part of your baseline expectations for next fiscal year.

Projects may deliver benefits even before the program is complete. While the program is still in progress, the program team might also be responsible for benefits tracking.
To help you with all of this, I have created a simple benefit management plan template that can be downloaded from our Resource Library.
What is a Benefits Management Plan and how do you define it?
A benefits management plan is a document that outlines:
What benefits can you expect from the project
The benefits management approach, i.e. How you will ensure that benefits are created
Who owns them?
How to measure expected benefits for tangible and intangible benefits
What is required to reach them.

Although it doesn’t need to be complicated, it is important to think about the benefits this project will bring and how they will be achieved.
Tip: Pay attention to the names of the people or roles who will be benefit owners. This is a strange job, and it means that people are held responsible for what they deliver. They might feel they don’t have enough control and may not be willing to accept this role. That’s my experience.
Your benefits management plan should be included in your overall project plan. If you find it helpful to copy and paste my template into the’master plan’ document, then do so. It should provide a structure for managing the benefits identification process and their realization.
The benefits chain
The benefits chain simply shows how project benefits are linked to the desired end result. It is illustrated in the image below. The outputs of the project feed into the business change that should lead to the desired outcomes. These outputs are then combined with the benefits from other projects.
Once the benefits are removed, you will be left with the benefits that should help you achieve the strategic objectives you set out. This gives you a benefit map that shows where the benefits are coming from and which projects drive them (which should then feed into project prioritization).

Project Management in the Collaborative Age: Behind the Scenes

Here’s the transcript for those who prefer to read the text rather than watch the video:
SPOTO: I have just arrived in Victoria, London and am searching for the Microsoft offices. Today, I will be leading a roundtable discussion about project management in collaboration age. It will discuss the changes that are driving our new ways of working and the ways we are changing the way we do project management, such as globalization, virtual teamwork, and other things.
It would be interesting to hear from the practitioners about how their work life is changing, if it is. We also have software suppliers coming, so it will be fascinating to see their visions of the future and tools. So I’m going out to find where I need to be.
This is the Microsoft office on Victoria Street. So I’m about go in to meet Project Magazine staff who are hosting today’s roundtable.
At the round table:
Richard Gordon (Microsoft). It’s not about finding a common format. It’s not about finding a common format.
Fredrik Kellerman (ProjectPlace). I believe that our approach is to open up and allow people to see the progress of the entire project. It is important for customers to invite their stakeholders. If they can see the progress, there will be no surprises. This allows them to manage issues before they escalate into major problems.
Anne (project manager).: There’s so much information. It’s about getting the right information with the right contact, which is what I believe it requires.
James (project manager).
SPOTO: If we are seeing that the step-change… This all comes down to communicating with stakeholders. Yes, they will need to have difficult conversations in order to bring these collaboration ideas to the forefront. Maybe we aren’t empowered enough to decide to buy new tools or create new ways to display information. We can at least be aware of it and ask the right questions.
Benjamin Sarkka (Improlity),: We need to do this. It’s slow because integration projects can be expensive and time-consuming. There are many IT projects that fail, and they have bad reputations. There is still much to be done, and in the meantime, project managers need to have the right tools to help them succeed. We are eagerly awaiting the perfect tool.
Editor of Project Magazine: This is a great point. Concerning the question of the right tools, I’m only interested in the opinions of the project managers around me: What do they think of the tools currently available? Are they up to the task? Do you believe they have the right tools? Also, from the software vendors: Are project managers really optimizing those tools? Are they able to see the potential and the capabilities that are available to them?
Matt (project manager). Matt: I am a techni-sophist. But, after listening to you guys, I have r