2022 New PMP Exam Success Tips from Tayfun – Master of Project Academy Blog

Tayfun Odabas from Frankfurt, Germany passed the new PMP exam. He passed the exam in just 2 months! He shared his review of his PMP study with Master of Project Academy, as well as his PMP success tips, with us. Learn more to learn Tayfun’s tips for passing the new PMP exam.
1-) How long did it take to study for the new PMP examination?
I began studying eight weeks before my PMP exam date. In the first four weeks, I studied for approximately two hours per day. In the following four weeks, I increased my daily study time to four hours.
2-) What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the new PMP test?
I was surprised to discover that the PMBOK is not fast-moving when I began to study it. I needed to find motivation to continue my studies with the PMBOK. I realized that it was crucial to take in every bit of information that I could in order to improve my project management skills.
I then took it seriously and created a study plan with the exact exam date. I also used flashcards and training videos to support my motivation. I kept the plan up until the day before the exam.
3- 3) How was the quality and reliability of PMP training materials?
Master of Project Academy’s PMP training materials made it easy to understand all the processes. The footnotes highlight the most important points. Many of the techniques and tools in the book can be adapted to your everyday project problems and challenges.
4- 4) How similar were the PMP exam questions when you looked at them?
I cannot say that I faced the exact same question twice. The questions are of a similar level. Master of Project provides a balanced understanding of the actual exam questions. The new PMP exam had some long questions. Some questions had irrelevant information. There were very few formula-based questions.
5- ) How many PMP exam questions have you practiced before taking the exam?
I reviewed all the PMP exam questions and the mock exam from the book. I also took two mock exams from Master of Project Academy. I used my incorrect answers to study the prep book again and focus on the topic in detail.
6- Describe the support you received during the PMP training.
I received prompt, clear, and accurate responses every time. It made me feel secure and at ease during my study period. The discussion forum was where I found the majority of the answers to my questions.
7- ) Do any future PMP candidates have any recommendations?
Professionals should prove as much as possible your skills and experience with a well-known certificate. This can make a significant difference in your career advancement. You can also use certification goals to motivate your personal development.
8- ) Do any of you have any tips or tricks for the PMP exam?
The PMP exam can be difficult and long. To maintain your concentration, you need to be in a good physical condition. The most important tip is to get enough sleep before the exam and to stay hydrated during the new PMP exam.
It is smart to prepare an exam strategy by using mock exams. It is a good idea to check the time during the exam.
I don’t think it is a good idea for you to waste your time writing down formulas or processes before the exam. It is better to take the entire exam to understand the questions.
9- ) What would you recommend to a friend who is interested in PMP certification?
Understanding the PM processes is the most important item on the list. It is important to understand the relationship between the processes. I recommend reviewing all process headings and definitions.