2022 Microsoft Project Certification – 100% Free MS Project Certificate Guide

Microsoft has created many technologies, including computers, operating systems and office software. Microsoft Project, or MS Project, is a tool created by this tech giant. To achieve greater success in their projects, 92% of companies use MS Project from Microsoft. This tool is essential for project managers in scheduling, planning, and monitoring progress. MS Project is a vital tool for project managers and companies. Microsoft Project Certification is equally important. These are the five most important points to consider when choosing Microsoft Project Training.
When you apply to a job as project manager, companies will want to see your Microsoft Project skills. Even though you might be an experienced project manager, you may have learned Microsoft Project on your own. We’re certain that MS Project has many features that you haven’t used, and that you don’t know. Your MS Project certificate is the fastest and most reliable way to prove your MS Project skills. Your CV should include a MS Project Certificate. This will help you stand out from your competition.

Microsoft Project Certification
Microsoft has retired the MS Project certification exam (74-3433) effective July 31, 2019. Microsoft has retired the MS Project certification exam (74-343) as of July 31, 2019. This is good news for project managers who are interested in this certification. This exam was popular among project managers since 2013.
Most likely, you are asking yourself what will replace it. Let’s start by defining the purpose of the exam 74-343. The Microsoft Project Professional certification exam 74-343 was coded. This application is not included in the Microsoft Office Suite but it is now available in the Office 365 package.
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The Microsoft Expert: Microsoft Project 2013 certificate was awarded to those who passed the exam. They also received the title MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). Microsoft has discontinued the Microsoft Project certification exam and it no longer awards MCP certification. This exam was required to earn the “Managing Portfolios and Projects with Microsoft PPM (70-348)” certification. It was also retired.
Why did Microsoft remove the MS Project certification exam from its certification program?
Why did Microsoft remove it? Will it replace 74-343 by a new certification, or will it? Microsoft announced a series changes in late 2018 that will fundamentally alter the Microsoft Project. They said that they did this to adapt to rapidly changing technologies and the world of project management. Microsoft Project’s certification exam was also canceled because it did not follow the Microsoft Project direction. There are significant changes in both the content and the approach. This certificate will not be replaced at the moment.
Microsoft has removed a certificate from the market. If you have earned the Microsoft Project certification, it will still be in your transcripts at the Microsoft Certified Professional site. These changes should be acknowledged as part of the Microsoft Certified Program Development. Microsoft wants to strengthen the program overall, so they are focusing more on specialist certifications than exams. There are other ways to earn Microsoft Project Certification skills. There are many Microsoft Project training videos and courses available online.
Microsoft Project Certific