10 traits of great programmers

You might be wondering if programming is hard if you are looking to get into it. What can make you a great programmer is to be up-to-date on the latest programming languages, and the latest frameworks. You have the technical skills to write great code. However, being a good programmer is not enough. To be a great programmer, you need to have a wide range of skills.
How to become a great programmer
1. Be well rounded.
Although it’s great to be proficient in one technology, problems in the real world cannot be solved by using only one technology. Even if you are hired as a specialist, it is important to understand how your tech interacts and interrelates with the software, hardware, network, and other components that make up the application’s ecosystem. You will also be able contribute to the project in many ways, providing assistance wherever it is needed.
2. Enjoy solving puzzles
It is not easy to build applications. It is not easy to figure out why your code isn’t compiling or what’s causing the bugs. This requires puzzle-solving skills as well as the belief there is always a solution and you won’t give up until you find it. You can solve puzzles under pressure if you have the ability to do so. Management will be watching you as you work out the solution.
3. Love Learning
Technology is constantly evolving. The tools and languages that you use today may not be the ones you will use next year or even next decade. To be able contribute to future projects, you must always be learning new skills. While your employer may offer ongoing training, the best developers learn on their own.
4. Good communication skills
Developers aren’t limited to technology. Developers must talk to business users to understand their needs. Developers often need to create technical documents. It is important to be able to communicate clearly, even if it is just to produce status reports.
5. Confidence
There are many ways to build a system. Your ideas won’t be valuable if you keep them to your self, no matter how great they are. The best developers are confident in their ideas and participate in design discussions to shape the application architecture. Start small and don’t propose a complete redesign of your application. This will boost your confidence.
6. Get involved in the business
Technology is used by businesses to solve business problems. You can learn more about your company and its business to help you solve their problems and create solutions that will help them grow. It is a good idea to speak with business users and ask questions about their challenges. You can even take courses and earn certifications if you are really interested in understanding the business.
7. Be a team player
Movies often portray a single coder. Students work on assignments by themselves, but real-world projects require a team effort. Developers need to be able and willing to work with others. You must be able to work with people of different abilities and to respectfully disagree with others. It is important to get to know your colleagues as people and not just technical staff. It is easier to work together when you have conversations about things other than the project.
8. Understanding the importance of Deadlines
Even though external factors can sometimes drive the schedule, the best project managers will seek input from their developers when setting deadlines. If you have agreed to complete a task, do everything you can to meet the deadline, even though it may mean a few late nights. While you don’t have the obligation to give up your personal life to work, showing commitment to the project and understanding its importance to the company will make a positive impression.
9. Be flexible
Priorities and projects change for many reasons. Developers need to be able context-switch to keep their eyes on the most important things right now. These changes can be temporary and minor or permanent. If the changes are temporary, be sure to have good notes so that you can return to your regular work once things settle down. If the changes are permanent, take the time to learn about the new situation and how you can fit in. This may open up new opportunities for you to achieve your goals. It’s important to be professional and not get frustrated.
10. Get your product
Technically, your job is done when you have code that compiles cleanly with passing its test cases. Follow this guide to stand out