10 Tips to Increase Your AWS Certification Exam Readiness

Amazon is the global leader in the public cloud market. There are thousands upon thousands of organizations that offer AWS consulting services. These institutions are looking for AWS professionals and have a huge demand for those who take the AWS Certification exam. Candidates with more than one-year experience in AWS Cloud are eligible for the AWS Certification.
The certification exam is held in real-time and within a time limit. During the exam, a proctor will be watching you closely. You will need to answer 65 multiple-choice question within 130 minutes. You must score at least 72% to pass this exam. You must prepare well for the exam.
This article will give you ten tips to pass the AWS certification exam. Before you move on to the tips, make sure you understand the basics of AWS.
What is AWS?
AWS is a cloud platform with over 100 cloud-based services. These cloud services allow you to use security, compute storage, and database.
AWS has the greatest advantage: you don’t have pay for the services that you use. AWS services are a great way for businesses to build an infrastructure. Full application environments allow companies to run their apps without the need for physical hardware. They can keep their operations running smoothly with minimal expenditures.
Is the AWS Certification worth it in 2021?
AWS is a top cloud service provider because it offers cost-effective solutions for its clients. Its services can be scaled and are suitable for all businesses, regardless of their size. AWS certificate holders can be offered lucrative salary packages if they pass the exam. AWS professionals are in high demand so freshers have great opportunities and good salaries. After gaining more experience and upgrading your skills, you can negotiate your salary.
Let’s take a look at the benefits of AWS certifications.
Be Prepared for the Next Trends
Forbes published a report that the cloud will support around 83% of a company’s operations. AWS currently holds 31% of the global cloud market share and its revenue is growing slowly. Many IT companies are now hiring AWS-certified employees. AWS certification will help you stand out to hiring managers and keep you in the race. It will prepare you for future IT jobs.
Opportunities to develop skills are created
You must dedicate your time to learning and mastering AWS technologies in order to obtain an AWS certification. You must keep up-to-date with the latest AWS technology trends in order to recertify. To receive certification, you must demonstrate your expertise. You can also opt for additional AWS certifications to increase your skills.
Recognize Yourself
Digital badges are given to you upon completing your AWS certification. These badges can be used on social media profiles and email signatures. These digital badges give you instant access to certification events sponsored by AWS. You can also attend AWS Summit events or AWS Certification Lounges.
Professional Network Expansion
Certified AWS experts have access to the AWS Certified LinkedIn Network. You can also join AWS Certified Global Community.
You can also expand your professional network by identifying new opportunities. The AWS certification opens up opportunities to attend conferences, meetups, or other professional gatherings that allow you to connect with people in your field.
Find More Projects
Freelancers can reap the benefits of an AWS certification. This certification will demonstrate to clients that you are able to work with AWS technologies. Your digital badges can be used on social media and as digital signatures. This will make them great marketing tools. The digital badge can be displayed on your profile to show your credibility and provide you with exciting opportunities.
These are proven tips to increase your AWS certification exam readiness
AWS is the solution for companies looking to streamline and improve their operations. AWS specialists are in high demand. A certification does not increase your value or allow you to negotiate your salary. These are some proven tips that will help you prepare for your exam.
Get help

You can choose to attend in-person or online classes that suit your schedule and interests. The classes will help you to understand the structure and how to apply concepts in AWS certification exams. You can also learn time management skills while studying for the exam.
Practical Knowledge

You must be able to apply the knowledge to real-world operations if you want to pass the AWS certification exam. It is not recommended to memorize the concepts. To test your skills and learn from your weaknesses, you can use online AWS consoles.
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