Training in Security Awareness is a Scary Good Idea

Muahahahathe truth is out! It’s not easy to fall for social engineering or polymorphic malware. It’s time for you to take control of the narrative and invest in security awareness training.

What is Security Awareness Training?
Security Awareness Training helps your employees recognize cyber threats and implement best practices that will prevent Malwareinfiltration, defeat Phishing attempts, and keep your employees safe online. Security awareness training can help employees protect their personal information as well as their business activities. As the first line of defense against cyberattacks, you and your employees should be considered.

Why is Security Awareness Training Important?
Hackers are becoming smarter, so traditional firewalls and antivirus software won’t do the trick. Hackers know what strings they must pull to get the desired response. It is essential to gain the awareness necessary to understand what is happening. Your team can’t be prepared for an attack if it doesn’t know what to do. This awareness is essential because ignorance equals vulnerability. It’s time for education!

What areSome Security Best Practices
Make sure to change your password frequently and keep your passwords safe. Use two-factor authentication. Keep up with your monthly patching. The threat landscape is constantly changing and evolving. For a deeper dive into how to prepare your team for phishing and malware attacks, please visit Security Awareness Training (Seriously!

How do I know if Security Awareness Training is working?
Peace and silencearegoodindicatorsthat your security awareness training has done its job. It’s clear that it’s working when your organization doesn’t fall victim to cyberattacksand when there is a protocol for dealing with cyberthreats.
IE can provide objective assurance that the training was effective. Online assessments (quizzes), can be provided to your users prior to and after the training. We can also provide a customizedphishing campaign to determine the susceptibility of our users to phishing email.

The Cost of not completing Security Awareness Training
Consider this question: What is the value of consumer data? If you ask yourself this question, consider the value of consumer data. You can’t afford not to have some security awareness training or keep up-to-date on cyberthreats.

Why Security Awareness Training is More Important Now Than Ever
COVID-19 has radically changed the way we do business. The remote work practices that were used during this period (remote working) will likely continue to be a major part of the business world going forward. Since people have been at home, we’ve seen a significant increase in Malware (phishing attempts and trojan attempts). As I mentioned earlier,Hermesand now Ryuk have introducedpolymorphic malware attacks and leveraged social engineering to steal data and hold users virtually hostage to their demands.There is always something newer and smarter around the corner, and attacks skyrocket when huge events are happening (think about election time, andCyberMonday, etc. ).Stay informed!

Sign Your Team Up for Security Awareness Training
IE offers a unique program to educate your team about cyberthreats. Follow the link and request a quickdiscussionwithour security team.Take that first step and help make your team a formidable first line of defense against cyberthreats!