Top 5 Linux Certifications You Still Have Time To Earn Your Credential This year!

December 5, 2019, IT professionals around the world know the power of Linux. You need to be able to recognize the importance of Linux certifications if you want to make a career out of Linux. You still have time to get a Linux credential, even though 2019 is fast approaching. These certificates are highly sought-after and well-worth your attention.
There are many Linux certifications that you can get, but some are better than others. You may be wondering which one to choose. This blog article will list the top 5 Linux credentials you can pursue in 2019. Let’s start the list with number 1.
1. LPI Certifications
This first Linux certification is more than a certificate. It is actually a group of them. Linus Torvalds introduced the LPI credentials in 1999. They are now a prominent part of the IT industry. The certification program can be divided into three levels.
LinuxAdministrator is the first level. This is a junior-level certification with no prerequisites. The candidate must pass 2 exams that cover basic Linux skills like configuring and installing. Linux Engineer is the second level. This credential requires you to have passed the previous certification level. This level is more advanced and can be more challenging to master. If you prepare well for the exam, you will be able pass it. The third certification level is Linux Enterprise Professional certification. It includes three tests, which are as follows:
304: Virtualization & High Availability (it includes high availability, virtualization of cluster storage, and high availability).
303: Security (it includes application security, networks, operations, and security).
300: Mixed Environment (it includes OpenLDAP, works with Windows & Linux clients, and Samba).
2. Oracle Linux OCA & OCP

Oracle is a major name in the certification industry. Oracle offers many credentials that can be used to demonstrate knowledge in a variety of subjects. One of these is Linux. This Oracle certificate focuses on learning skills related to Oracle technologies, and products that use Linux. You will need to pass two exams: 1Z0-100 or 1Z0-105. You will also need to complete a few performance-based assignments.
3. GIAC Certified UNIX Security Manager
The GIAC CertifiedUNIX Security Administrator certification is required for anyone who wants to work as a UNIX & Linux system auditor. This credential is designed to teach individuals how to configure, monitor, and install UNIX & Linuxsystems. You will need to take an exam if you want to earn this certificate. There are some essential details that you should know before you take the test. The first thing you should know is