Top 20 Azure Administrator Interview Questions

Microsoft Azure is the second-most popular Cloud service provider according to prospects. Because of its affordable IaaS solutions, more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies trust Microsoft Azure to fulfill their Cloud service responsibilities. Many businesses are now hiring Azure-certified specialists for a variety of inside job postings. Cloud Administrator is one of the most sought-after Azure occupations. Azure Administrators are highly sought after in the market.

If you are one of the candidates who are trying to get a decent job as an Azure Administrator, you need to prepare yourself well for your dream job. Here are 20 questions that were asked to aspiring Azure Administrators during job interviews.
Question 1: How do you define Azure Administration?
Answer: Azure Administrators are responsible for executing, observing, and maintaining Microsoft Azure solutions. They include major services related to Compute, Security, Network, and Security.
Question 2: What’s Azure Active Directory? What does it have to do with subscriptions?
Answer: Azure Active Directory, also known as Azure AD, provides a cloud-based identity management service that allows you to manage Azure resources. It has a one-to many relationship with subscriptions. An Azure subscription can only trust one Active Directory instance, but multiple subscriptions may be associated with that Azure Active Directory instance.
Question 3: Define Azure Subscriptions.
Answer: An Azure subscription allows you to access Azure resources. It contains information about all your resources, such as virtual machines (VMs), databases and more. You can distinguish an Azure resource, such as a VM when you create it.
Azure subscription denotes:
Security boundary and billing entity
Container that holds users
Azure services monthly charges
Question 4: Can an organisation have more than one Azure Directory
Answer: Yes. An organization can have multiple Azure Directory accounts.
Question 5: What roles and responsibilities do Azure Administrators have?
Answer: An Azure administrator is responsible for executing and monitoring Microsoft Azure solutions. They also provide significant services related computing, storage, security, networking, and network. Azure administrators will also be responsible for managing storage solutions for VM virtual disks, database files and user data.
Question 6: Who uses an Azure Active Directory?
Answer: Azure AD is primarily intended for:
IT Admins: IT Admins use Azure Active Directory to manage app access and resource usage according to business requirements. Azure AD is also used to automate client provisioning between your existing Windows Server AD and cloud applications, including Microsoft 365. Azure AD provides powerful tools that automatically verify user identities and credentials, and meet access governance requirements.
App Developers: An App Developer uses Azure AD to add a single sign on (SSO) to an application. This allows it to use client’s pre-existing credentials. It also provides APIs that allow you to create a custom application experience by utilizing existing organizational data.
Online subscribers to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 are eligible for Azure AD. This is included in the Microsoft 365 subscription, Office 365 subscription, Azure subscription, Dynamics CRM online subscription, and Microsoft 365 subscription. It can be used to manage access to your cloud applications.
Question 7: Define Azure Virtual Machines.
Answer: Azure Virtual Machines or virtual machines are on-request computing resources that are provided by Microsoft Azure. We cannot answer your question.