Three Reasons to Improve Your Mobile Device Management Skills

Mobile Device Management (MDM), has become a necessity for organizations over the past decade. It is easy to see why this shift has occurred: smartphones, tablets, wearables, and mobile device management (MDM) have become a part of the work experience and play a greater role than the traditional staples of yesteryear (e.g. personal digital assistants, pagers and BlackBerry phones).
A look at the MDM landscape. Billions of new devices need management
These fundamental changes in the business office culture have seen MDM solutions market size expand rapidly. ResearchandMarkets stated that MDM solutions represented a $2.81 billion market in 2018 and could grow to $7.86 billion by 2023. This would be a more than 22 per cent compound annual growth rate during this time period.
These numbers are realistic considering that the average digital consumer already owns 3.64 connected devices according to Global Web Index. Strategy Analytics also predicted that 33 billion connected devices would be available by 2020, which is an average of 4.3 devices per person. In 2007, PCs accounted for two-thirds of all internet-capable devices. However, they now account to less than 10%. This demonstrates the shift towards mobile and the Internet of Things.
It is the right time to refresh and build your MDM (or EMM, for Enterprise Mobility Management) skills. This term has become more popular in recent years. Here are three reasons you should learn more about the top platforms in this space such as Citrix XenMobile and VMware AirWatch.
1. Protect your network against malware and data exfiltration
Protecting the corporate network against unauthorized devices and apps, which could introduce malware or facilitate data theft, is an essential capability of any MDM/EMM solution. Any tool that is worth its salt must balance data protection and ease-of-use for end users. AirWatch is one example of how this sweet spot can be achieved.
AirWatch allows single sign-on and multifactor authentication for web, cloud and native applications.Conditions such as device compliance, user location and authentication strength can be accounted for when granting or denying conditional access.Access can be easily and automatically revoked by administrators if an employee leaves the organization or a compliance policy is violated.An identity-defined app catalog ensures that the proper applications are delivered to the right people.Platforms such as AirWatch help streamline the complex tasks of MDM/EMM. IT professionals can easily advance their careers by learning the basics of AirWatch and the rest of VMware.
2. Remote offices and workers can be supported
Many companies are now open to remote work and want to take advantage of its potential benefits for employee retention and real property costs. IT administrators face some challenges when trying to support employees from home or at branch offices.
Virtual private networks, remote desktops, and virtualization are all tools that can be used to secure company applications. MDM/EMM is an important addition to this arsenal of security tools. It simplifies and enhances the use mobile devices from any location. Administrators can rest easy knowing that only approved endpoints will be allowed to access the corporate network.
3. The entire organization can simplify IT administration
The ideal MDM/EMM solution is wirelessly implemented. It can then be scaled to accommodate many more devices and services later on. AirWatch’s name, for example, reflects its role as an OTA platform MDM/EEM. It is also part of an open ecosystem because it integrates with other services like Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365, and ServiceNow.
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