The 2020 Novelties: What is Cisco DevNet Certification Path? And What Can You Expect From This Track?

October 30, 2019, DevOps programming and programming are becoming increasingly important in the IT industry. To be able to obtain a DevOps or software development role, professionals must prove their skills and knowledge. There are many certification options available. Cisco, a major vendor in the IT industry understands the importance of such a credential. They are launching a new DevNet certificationtrack in February 2020. This pathway is designed to support the rapid increase in demand for these skills and knowledge.
DevNet was established to address the needs of an ever-evolving industry that is increasingly focused on DevOps, automation, and other technologies. The implicationof this is that there are new and upcoming DevNet credentials at the associate,specialist, and professional levels. In the near future, there is a huge opportunity for an expert-level certificate. This blog post will discuss the new Cisco DevNet certification track as well as its various levels.
Introduction toCiscoDevNet Certification Program
Cisco DevNet certification is the first introduction from Cisco. It’s designed to demonstrate the candidates’ skills in areas such as Cisco programmability strategy and Cisco APIs, network operations, security, and networking. Employers also have certain benefits from this program. The DevNet credential exhibitsverifiable knowledge and skills in a number of domains, includinginfrastructure as code, Webex, automation, DevOps, and IoT. It will be offered as a standard path, just like other Cisco certificates. The DevNet Associate, DevNet Specialist, or DevNet Professional credentials will be available at the track’s launch. These credentials are being offered because Cisco recognizes the industry’s changes and wants to provide the perfect certificate that will confirm the knowledge and skills required in these areas.
Let’s take a closer look at each level.
Cisco Certified DevNet Associate
The Associate level is Cisco Certified DevNet Associate. This is the beginning of the DevNet certification track. Candidates pursuing this new credential must pass the Cisco 200-901 DEVASC exam, just like the latestCCNA certificates. This exam will cover a broad range of topics to show a strong foundation at the associatelevel. Software Development & Design, Understanding & Using AAPs, Network Fundamentals, Cisco Platforms & Development and Infrastructure &Automation will be covered. The Cisco 200-901 exam is designed to assess the student’s knowledge in software development &design.
The Associate certification will become available on February 24, 2020. It is important to mention that