Software review: TeamworkPM [2011]

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General Information
Name: TeamworkPM
Vendor: Digital Crew Application Developers
Hosting options: Only Web hosted version
Cost and plans: 30-day free trial. Prices start at $12 per month for a personal plan and go up to $149 for an enterprise plan.
Languages: There are 24 languages, including Indonesian and Norwegian.
Currency: A long list of standard currencies.
Building projects: Basic features
It is simple to create a new project on TeamworkPM. After creating your account, click on the big green link to create your first project. You can create more projects by using the Dashboard/Add Project menu.
Start by creating milestones. You can then create milestones by entering the dates you want to reach them. Next, you can create a tasklist and link it to the milestone. Once you have a tasklist, you can add tasks to it. Tasks can include resources, dates, and priorities.
TeamworkPM: Project overview tab The missing Gantt chart feature
For me, the ability to display tasks graphically using a Gantt diagram is a key feature of any project management software. This is not possible with TeamworkPM. It is not possible to link tasks and milestones. It is also impossible to create tasks that last more than one day. This is quite strange considering you can create dependencies.
To create dependencies, you can link tasks together. Although it’s not obvious how to do so, you can choose to’show more’ to create a task. Another option is to set up predecessors.
Once you have more than one project, with start and finish dates, there is a Gantt chart option that can be enabled from the Dashboard. It is so simple that it can only be used to show your manager what is currently on the go.
Project Chart ViewYou can export TeamworkPM data into a format that’s compatible with MS Project. It is not obvious why you would want both products. MS Project has a better scheduling tool than TeamworkPM. MS Project is not as easy to use as TeamworkPM. However, project managers who need to be able to communicate with their team members via messaging, file sharing, and task allocation and have a reliable scheduling tool would need to use both. They would need to modify the MS Project schedule and then manually update all dates in TeamworkPM. If you prefer to work in this way, exporting is an option.
Calendars and people
You can switch between the corporate and personal calendars.
It is easy for people to be added to tasks. You can give each person a photo and allow them to set their own status. It can be confusing at enterprise level if you have to scroll through many users to find the people that you want to add.
It was interesting to see TeamworkPM make a distinction between “Resources” and “People”. It’s nice to see that people are not lumped in with GoogleDocs and the projector.
Time-tracking and billing
TeamworkPM, a web-based project management software, has integrated time tracking. You can set up a timer and track your time. Then you can decide if it’s billable. Although I liked the idea of this, I didn’t remember to use it during my time with it. This clocking in/clocking out approach requires discipline.
Once you have tracked time, you can add it to invoices along with expenses. Although the software cannot replace your invoicing software, it can export invoice information to FreshBooks or any other accounting software.
This is a great feature to show the team how much time and money they are spending on the project. Y