Seven Microsoft Certifications and Three Cisco Certifications

Microsoft Technical Certificates Are Divided into Seven Categories:
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. The certificate holder will be able to provide effective system planning, system implementation, system maintenance and information system support for users using Microsoft Windows NT Server and Microsoft BackOffice.
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)+INTERNET. The certificate holder will be able to manage and configure intranet and Internet in IT industry. It includes the management and configuration of browser, proxy server, host and web site database.
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. The holder of the certificate will be able to build commercial applications based on distributed network environment for Microsoft’s software development tools (database system, application design software, etc.), such as MS SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Transaction Server.
Microsoft Certified Professional. The holder of the certificate needs to have some expertise in one of Microsoft products. They can also strengthen their ability to use Microsoft software products by taking other Microsoft certification examinations.
   5.MCP+Site Building
Microsoft Certified Professional+Site Building. The holder of the certificate will be able to use Microsoft’s technology and products to design, build, manage and maintain the site, especially to build interactive pages, multimedia databases and search engines.
Microsoft Certified Professional+Internet. The holder of the certificate has the specialty of Internet, which can ensure the security of the network, install, configure and manage the server products and resources, monitor and analyze the status of the network, and eliminate network faults to a certain extent.
Microsoft Certified Trainer. The holder of the certificate must have the ability to go deep into Microsoft’s official courses in both teaching and technology.
Cisco Certification Can Be Divided into Three Categories
Cisco CCNA=> Cisco CCNP=> Cisco CCIE,
They are Cisco Certified Network Engineer, intermediate network engineer and network expert. Their levels are raised in turn. Only when they pass the certification examination of the previous level can they be qualified to participate in the Cisco certification examination of the latter level.
Cisco CCNA Exam has a reference book, mainly network basic knowledge, OSI seven layer model, switching, routing and other simple debugging and installation. You can go to the bookstore to buy textbooks to review; It’s the easiest to get it by passing only one exam; The cost of the test is about USD 100. All the questions are on the computer. It’ll print the result right after answering.
Cisco CCNP Test has four reference books, whose content is more in-depth, more comprehensive, more difficult on the basis of CCNA. Only to the four courses examinations can you get a certificate.
Cisco CCIE Exam is the most difficult one, divided into two parts: written test and operation. Relatively speaking, the operation is the most difficult, the examination time is about half a day, and the cost is about USD 1,547. Because there are few people passing, it is worth more. Only to pass the written test and operation can you get CCIE certification.
CCDA = > CCDP corresponds to CCNA = > CCNP respectively. The difference is that it focuses on network architecture and design, that is, it corresponds to the post of pre-sales network support engineer.