Hackers Love Universities

BBC reports that malicious hacking attempts have affected multiple universities in the U.K. The hack was a distributed denial-of service attack that targeted an academic network shared between several schools. It has prevented students from turning in their homework. A DDoS attack floods a network, blocking it and making it unusable.
These types of attacks are not designed to steal information, but they can be used as distractions. A hacker can initiate a DDoS attack and, while the institution is trying to get back online, the malicious actor will try and exploit security holes in the network. It is unclear if this latest attack was a prank or a cover, but universities are some of the most hackable institutions.
This is not a problem that is limited to the U.K.
Hacking attacks on universities aren’t something that happens only in Europe or the U.K. Harvard was the victim of a malicious hack in the summer 2015. Although Harvard claimed that no student data was compromised, including banking information and Social Security numbers, the university did mention that there was a possibility that login credentials to university accounts could have been stolen.
This is a problem that is far more widespread than people realize. Symantec’s 2015 Internet Security Threat Report found that universities are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. According to the report, education is third in most vulnerable to cyberattacks after retail and health care.
This is why universities around the world need to invest more in cybersecurity. Harvard was able to keep the student’s data confidential, but this is too much information to be at risk with a weak cybersecurity system. Cybercriminals can easily access highly classified and sensitive research information at universities. It is dangerous to allow this data to be lost.
Cybersecurity training is best done by computer.
Universities, like all other sectors, are in dire need for individuals with cybersecurity skills. Hackers are highly skilled individuals, despite their evil intentions. Universities and the rest of the world need to be equally skilled to stop hackers. Computer-based cybersecurity training can help you stop hackers from committing crimes.
You can find basic computer training courses at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers if you are interested in taking cybersecurity training courses. New Horizons of Southern California or Southern Arizona can provide you with the tools to stop cybercriminals from their tracks.

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It’s that time again! Soon, technology training budgets will be expiring. New Horizons can help you maximize your training dollars if your company is in a time crunch. Our award-winning serviceIT positions dominate the most in-demand jobs in 2016. CareerBuilder’s list shows how important these skills are. Each position was ranked based on the number of companies that posted job ads and how many people were hired in the field. The list gave higher rankings to those jobs that had more postings than were filled. Experian, Scottrade and Donald Trump’s hotels were among those that reported breaches. CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity firm, found evidence that Chinese infiltrators were operating in the private sector of the United States despite the fact that they had publicly denied it. Congress is poised for cybersecurity legislation, the first time in history. Needless to mention, hackers have caused quite a stir in cyberspace.

Understanding your options for Skype for Business deployment

Skype for Business is one the most versatile components in Microsoft Office 365. It was created from Lync (the company’s previous platform for multichannel collaboration across chat and video) and was given the name of one the largest ever Microsoft acquisitions. The platform combines several key functions into one easy package.
Skype for Business is a great collaboration tool. How do you deploy Skype for Business within your company?
Skype for Business: Online or on-premises deployment options
Skype for Business, like many other components in Office 365 can be deployed in the Cloud, using your own IT infrastructure, or a combination of both. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Skype for Business Online is the cloud-hosted version. It is similar to other cloud services in that it requires minimal maintenance but offers less control. Skype for Business Online is a smart choice if Office 365 meets all your organizational requirements for technical compliance and legal compliance. There are some tradeoffs to it compared to the Skype for Business server, such as less access to APIs, lack of persistent chat, and Video Interop Servers (VIS)
It cannot dial in to a local private branch exchange (PBX), but it can access audio conferencing providers and public switched phone networks. Its PSTN implementation is managed directly by Microsoft. This simplifies administration and may reduce costs as local infrastructure is not needed. It is impossible to manage some dependencies in SharePoint and Exchange unless these applications, as well as Skype for Business, are located on-premises. The shortcomings of Skype for Business Online can be addressed in Office 365. Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups are both options for persistent chat rooms. This app may eventually replace Skype for Business for many end users. Skype for Business Server is an on-prem installation of Skype for business. Skype for Business Server can be deployed locally and is more integrated than Skype for Business Online. It also allows for more control. Server is a way for organizations to exchange the convenience of Online and some advanced functionality.
“On-prem Skype for Business offers persistent Chat.”
Skype for Business on-prem offers persistent chat, VIS calls, and full access the platform’s APIs for programmers. It can also be used with local PBX infrastructure. Skype for Business Server works in the same way as any traditional IT system except that it integrates multiple forms and communication into one platform. Skype for Business Server is more complex than Skype for Business Online and requires more maintenance and oversight. It requires minimal hardware and software requirements. This includes controlling everything, from its CPU and memory to which versions of Windows Server or PowerShell it must use. It is crucial to have IT professionals who are experienced in managing such complex systems.
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers invites you to dive into Skype for Business
There are many options available for setting up Skype for Business. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers certification can help you get a rewarding job in the implementation of Office 365 and Skype for Business Server. You can view the full course listings and also check out our webinars page for more information about what we offer.

Top 10 Reasons to Certify Your Staff

Companies are realizing that worker certification is a benefit that can be as beneficial to them as the workers themselves.
1) Higher Performance
Workers can spend less time searching for answers online or asking their coworkers for help. McKinsey Consulting estimates that employees spend an average of 1.8 hours per day searching for and gathering information. This is 9.3 hours per week. It is possible to actively expose workers to new knowledge that is relevant to their job functions, while still retaining their technological skills.
2) Hiring Factor
Certifications are a standard method of validating the skills that a candidate lists on their resume. This allows hiring managers to make informed decisions before putting new hires into costly or time-sensitive projects. Certifications ensure that your future hires are capable of handling the task.
3) Competitive Advantage
A certified team can often lead to higher quality products and faster service delivery for companies that provide products or services that depend on skill-based client-facing interactions.
4) Establish Growth Potential
The certification demonstrates that an individual is a continuous learner, which is a crucial skill when working with rapidly changing technologies. The certification environment gives employees the opportunity to improve their skills, which is a valuable asset to the company. It also shows that they are someone you can continue investing in and expecting recognizable returns.
5) Retention Rate
IT subjects are retained up to three times more by individuals who have successfully passed an exam. This common knowledge is used every day in schools around the world, but it is rarely used within organizations. Candidates must pass certification exams to ensure they have the job-critical knowledge and skills that are required. This will result in better on-the-job performance.
6) Establishing Benchmarks
Certification is a standard benchmark of capabilities for your company, allowing managers and executives to quickly gauge the capabilities of their departments across various tasks and project types.
7) Professional Credibility
Businesses with certified teams, especially those in the Business to Business service-oriented industries, instantly show potential. Certifications demonstrate that your company is skilled in their field, which builds trust and enthusiasm for your brand.
8) Show Commitment
The certification allows the individual(s) to show their commitment to their profession. Managers can see which employees are up for the challenge and which are not.
9) Job Security
Your organization will benefit if your workers feel safe and happy in their jobs. Certification qualifies people, shows that they are valued and allows them to build a career within the organization. This will discourage them from looking for work elsewhere, which in turn reduces churn.
10) Professional Promotions
The ability to earn and apply certifications is a great factor in selecting people for promotion. It makes the manager’s role less subjective and more objective.
Are you curious about the data behind the current challenges and opportunities in training and development? We interviewed 1,514 IT professionals from a variety of industries. You can find more information in our 2019 State of IT Training report.

Top 10 Critical Components in CEH v10

This updated version of the course, now in its 10th edition, will provide you with the tools and techniques hackers and information security professionals use to hack into any computer system. This course will help you develop a hacker mindset and protect you from future attacks. This course puts you in control of your computer through a hands-on training environment that employs a systematic ethical hacking process. “>
EH) v10 program is a trusted and respected ethical hacking training Program that any information security professional will need. EH is used as a hiring standard and is a core sought after cybersecurity certification by many of the Fortune 500 organizations, governments, cybersecurity practices, and a cyber staple in education across many of the most prominent degree programs in top Universities around the globe.
Top 10 Critical Components in CEH v10
1. EH v10 maps 100 percent to NICE framework’s Protect and Defend specialty area2. Inclusion of a New ModuleVulnerability AnalysisLearn how vulnerability analysis is performed to identify security gaps in the target organization’s network and communication infrastructure. This module will cover the vulnerability management cycle and the various tools and approaches used to perform vulnerability analysis. IoT HackingLearn how to protect IoT devices and identify security loopholes in the target organization’s network, communication infrastructure, and end systems. Focus on Emerging Attack Vectors (e.g., Cloud, AI, ML, etc. EH provides an insight into cloud computing threats and cloud computing attacks. It discusses cloud computing security, and the tools required. It gives an overview of the pen-testing steps that an ethical hacker should use to assess the security of the cloud environment. Artificial Intelligence (AI), a new technology that protects networks from attacks that an antivirus scan can’t detect, is a promising solution. EH course.4. Hacking Challenges at each Module’s End. These challenges will allow you to put into practice what you have learned. They allow students to see how knowledge can be turned into skills and used to solve real-life problems. The course covers the most recent Malware. It includes ransomware, banking malware, financial malware, IoT botnets and Android malwares. Complete Malware Analysis ProcessIncludedDiscover how to reverse engineer malware to determine its origin, functionality, potential impact, and more! An ethical hacker will need to be able to perform malware analysis. This is a critical skill.
7. Practical Skills Program More than 40% of class time is spent on practical skills. This is done through EC-Council labs. EH programis 60:40 providing students with a hands-on experience of the latest hackingtechniques, methodologies, tools, tricks, etc.C Students can also purchase additional labs through EC-Council’s iLabs platform.
8. EH v10 lab environment consists of latest operating systems including WindowsServer 2016 and Windows 10 configured with Domain Controller, firewalls, andvulnerable web applications for honing the skills of hacking.
9. EH v10 course includes a library of tools that is required by security practitionersand pentesters to find uncover vulnerabilities across different operation platforms.This provides a wider option to students than any other programs in the market.
10. ANSI Accreditation

Training in Security Awareness is a Scary Good Idea

Muahahahathe truth is out! It’s not easy to fall for social engineering or polymorphic malware. It’s time for you to take control of the narrative and invest in security awareness training.

What is Security Awareness Training?
Security Awareness Training helps your employees recognize cyber threats and implement best practices that will prevent Malwareinfiltration, defeat Phishing attempts, and keep your employees safe online. Security awareness training can help employees protect their personal information as well as their business activities. As the first line of defense against cyberattacks, you and your employees should be considered.

Why is Security Awareness Training Important?
Hackers are becoming smarter, so traditional firewalls and antivirus software won’t do the trick. Hackers know what strings they must pull to get the desired response. It is essential to gain the awareness necessary to understand what is happening. Your team can’t be prepared for an attack if it doesn’t know what to do. This awareness is essential because ignorance equals vulnerability. It’s time for education!

What areSome Security Best Practices
Make sure to change your password frequently and keep your passwords safe. Use two-factor authentication. Keep up with your monthly patching. The threat landscape is constantly changing and evolving. For a deeper dive into how to prepare your team for phishing and malware attacks, please visit Security Awareness Training (Seriously!

How do I know if Security Awareness Training is working?
Peace and silencearegoodindicatorsthat your security awareness training has done its job. It’s clear that it’s working when your organization doesn’t fall victim to cyberattacksand when there is a protocol for dealing with cyberthreats.
IE can provide objective assurance that the training was effective. Online assessments (quizzes), can be provided to your users prior to and after the training. We can also provide a customizedphishing campaign to determine the susceptibility of our users to phishing email.

The Cost of not completing Security Awareness Training
Consider this question: What is the value of consumer data? If you ask yourself this question, consider the value of consumer data. You can’t afford not to have some security awareness training or keep up-to-date on cyberthreats.

Why Security Awareness Training is More Important Now Than Ever
COVID-19 has radically changed the way we do business. The remote work practices that were used during this period (remote working) will likely continue to be a major part of the business world going forward. Since people have been at home, we’ve seen a significant increase in Malware (phishing attempts and trojan attempts). As I mentioned earlier,Hermesand now Ryuk have introducedpolymorphic malware attacks and leveraged social engineering to steal data and hold users virtually hostage to their demands.There is always something newer and smarter around the corner, and attacks skyrocket when huge events are happening (think about election time, andCyberMonday, etc. ).Stay informed!

Sign Your Team Up for Security Awareness Training
IE offers a unique program to educate your team about cyberthreats. Follow the link and request a quickdiscussionwithour security team.Take that first step and help make your team a formidable first line of defense against cyberthreats!

PowerPoint Slides Reuse

You may feel that you need to have delicate navigation skills if you find yourself copying slides from another Power Point presentation and pasting them into your current Power Point Presentation. I have often copied or pasted the wrong slide(s) many times. However, PowerPoint has a Reuse Slides option. This solves the problem of having to navigate between multiple windows and avoid clicking in the wrong spot.
First, ensure that you have the file you wish to add slides to open. Navigate to Slides Group > Home tab. Click the button to create a new slide. Reuse Slides is the last option in this menu. This will open a Reuse Slidespane to the right of your screen. Browse to find the file with the slides you wish to copy or reuse in another file.
You can right-click on any slide thumbnail in the Reuse Slides panel and choose to insert it or all of them. It is important to note that the slide you selected in the original file is the one that will be used. You can always rearrange slides later. You can also choose to keep the source formatting or not.
Let’s call the file that you are inserting from the source and the destination file the destination. When you insert a slide, it will automatically adjust the formatting to match the destination file’s. This could result in formatting changes (font, font size and colors, etc.). If you want to keep the slides as they were in the original source file, you can tick the box to Keep Original Formatting. This will not alter the appearance of the slides that you insert/reuse.
Reuse Slides can be very useful when you need to reuse slides from other presentations. It can also save you time!

Ruth Romano is an Award-winning Applications Instructor at New Horizons Anaheim. Ruth’s experience with Microsoft Office spans multiple generations of Windows and Office. Her management and teaching experience gives her many examples from real life, especially in Business Skills. Ruth loves to engage her students in practical applications of the material, so that the “real-world” connection is made. No matter what class, her goal is to make students more efficient and proficient in the classroom. Ruth is a Microsoft Office Specialist Master. She is one of the top 25 instructors worldwide.
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It’s that time again! Soon, technology training budgets will be expiring. New Horizons can help you maximize your time and training budget. This award-winning service is recommended by Microsoft. The OS has been offered free to users of Windows 7 and 8 since its inception. The tech giant is making another move to maximize Windows 10 usage around the world. Attendees will explore the new features of PowerPoint 2016, learn to start with a blank presentation and create a slide show that conveys a message by using the tools for formatting slides, the uses of differing views, simplifying content, and delivering a finished presentation.Delivering Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (Intermediate)This webinar is designed for an audience who already have beyond a basic level knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and seek to deliver more formal presentations in a variety of settings. Participants will learn how to use new PowerPoint 2016 features and how to repurpose existing PowerPoint, Word, Excel content. You will also learn how to create flexible decks that keep an audience’s attention using audio and video segments, animations, and transitions.

New Horizons is a Google Cloud Authorized Training Partner

Today, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers announced that it has been named a Google Cloud Authorized Training partner in the United States. This partnership will allow New Horizons Cloud Platform training in the USA and Canada via multiple modalities that will be sold by their network. New Horizons will begin delivering their first classes in August.

New Horizons, a Google Cloud partner will provide training in the design and development, management, and administration of application infrastructures and data solutions using Google Cloud technology. New Horizons’ training programs can also prepare individuals for Google Cloud certification. This validates skills and job experience for cloud roles such as:
Associate Cloud EngineerProfessional Cloud ArchitectProfessional Data EngineerProfessional Cloud DeveloperProfessional Cloud Network EngineerProfessional Cloud Security EngineerOur clients are evolving to the cloud quicker than ever before. We are thrilled to provide better support for their cloud training and development with Google Cloud Platform. Their workforce, especially IT engineers, must be ready for the next big thing in support of their teams.
Vic Emurian is Chief Operation Officer at New Horizons Learning Group
Use Google Cloud Platform To Transform Your Business
Google Cloud Platform (GCP), customers are innovators who use Google products to advance science, education, healthcare, retail, consumer technology, among other areas. GCP customers that rank high in Google searches such as Airbnb, Zillow, and Spotify are some of the most important. Many businesses are now using public cloud services in combination with on-premise cloud solutions to maximize their resources.
Gartner, an industry analyst, predicts that the global cloud market will exceed $240 billion by 2021. Google Cloud Platform ranks 3rd among the most dominant cloud providers (with AWS, Azure and 2nd respectively) and GCP is one of the fastest growing public cloud providers.
New Horizons Authorized Google Cloud Training
New Horizons offers training for Google Cloud Partners. This training teaches students how they can design, develop, manage, and administer data solutions and application infrastructure on Google Cloud technology. A Google Cloud Certification shows that you have the skills to use Google Cloud technology in a way that transforms companies. New Horizons is an Authorized Training Partner.
Training and Certification for you or your employees to make the most of Google Cloud technologiesKnowledgeable instructors with the technical skills and best practices to help you get up to speed quicklyFundamental to advanced level training in live, virtual and on-demand optionsCertifications help you validate and prove your skill and expertise in Google Cloud technologiesReady to become a Google certified professional? Are you looking to build your career? New Horizons offers a clear learning path for professionals who want to master Google Cloud Platform.
All of our facilities have state-of the-art technology and are staffed by highly qualified instructors. Many of our courses are available online or in person. We offer onsite and online training for groups, instructor-led courses, long distance courses, online live, dedicated and onsite training for groups, and even custom courses. Find a convenient location near you to start learning today. Get in touch with us to learn more

Keep Learning Linux. It’s the Future

Linux is the foundation of the new tech world
These days, everyone is a tech company. Technology is increasingly driving business productivity, whether it’s new-school video streaming services such as Netflix or old-school grocery stores and government agencies. Linux is at the heart of this movement, which has created exceptional, highly-paid job opportunities for Linux professionals.
Redmonk analyst Stephen O’Grady says that software developers are the new kingmakers. It’s no surprise then that software developers are ranked #1 on the US News & World Report’s top 100 jobs list, with system administrators ranked in the top 20.
The economy is clearly rebuilding around technology as every company seeks to gain competitive advantage through more intelligent use of its data and seeks agility with cloud and open source technologies.
It’s not clear, however, how dependent this new tech economy is on Linux.
The New World Of Tech is Built on Linux This dependence is evident in the survey of over 5,000 Linux professionals and hiring managers that the Linux Foundation recently released in partnership to Dice.com. The report also contains other findings:
7% of hiring managers now have “hiring Linux talent” as a priority for 2014. This is up from 70% in 2013. 7% of hiring managers have “hiring Linux talent” on their list of priorities for 2014, up from 70% in 2013. Considerably.
Linux: There is a lot of demand, but not enough supply 75% of Linux professionals polled said they had received at least one call in the past six months from a recruiter. Nearly half of those surveyed received six or more calls.
It’s a great time to be a Linux expert.
This results in higher salaries and better benefits. 55% of Linux pros think it would be “very easy” (or “fairly easy”) to find a better job. 20% of them stated that they received incentives such a higher pay or a more flexible schedule or additional training from their employer as part of a counteroffer after they had tested the job market.
Linux pros received salary increases that were more than twice the average for technology professionals over the past year to keep them from entering the market. This year, the average bonus for these professionals was $10,336, an increase of 12% over the previous year.
The Future, Present, and Past of Linux Ten years ago, learning Linux was the best way to make more money. This is still true today. In 2004, Linux was still a new operating system and was being used mainly by early adopters looking to gain a competitive advantage in their markets and financial services. Linux is now the default operating system for cloud, Big Data, and mobile, which are the big trends that are changing industries. Linux is not just for early adopters. It is the platform on which most of our innovation takes place.
As such, I will continue to give the same career advice that I gave in 2004 and which I will likely still repeat in 2024: Learn Linux. It’s the future.
The article above, written by Matt Asay originally appeared in ReadWriteWeb.
NHSoCalSoAZ will offer a limited-time Navdy for those who complete eligible Red Hat EnterpriseLinux Enterprise(RHEL7) courses. Open enrollment delivery must be completed by March 31, 2016. See full terms and conditions.
Contact New Horizons of Southern California or Southern Arizona if you have questions about the program or want to find the best training solution for your team.

Ending 2020 with Love and Gratitude

2020 was an extraordinary year. Many people were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people lost their lives leaving behind devastated family and friends. Others lost their jobs, which added stress and worry to their families.

The IE family experienced howdevastingCOVID-19can bewhenour VP of Shared Services,Dala Boyd,contracted the virus and had to endure a scary and challenging55daysin the hospital. We are grateful that she has since been able to recover and resume her role at IE.

During2020,many were hard pressed to find things to be thankful for, but we were determined to end the yearwith gratitude and giving.To boost morale, and as an act of gratitude for Dala’s recovery, we decided to end the year on a positive note by giving backto 3children’scharities.

Each donation was made in honor of Dala Boyd, for her many years of selfless and dedicated work as a foster parent.We chose two NC organizations,Least of theseCarolinas,andBeds for Kidsfor a local community impact, along withTupelo’s Children’s Mansionin Mississippi, which isvery nearto Dala’s heart.

Chuck Steiner, CEO & president of IE, said, “Even though this year has been difficult for most, maybe you can take a moment and reflect and be thankful that as an extended IEfamily we were able’survive & advance’ through 2020.”

Here’s to a new year of health, recovery, family. Although it is too early to predict what 2021 will bring us, we can stand together and know that our strength will prevail. We are here to support you, especially those who had a difficult 2020 filled with many negative experiences that could last a lifetime. Keep your loved ones close and let’s work together to beat the pandemic and have an amazing year!

From our family to yours

The IE Team
The Real-life Impact
Learn more about each organization and how your donations can make a difference in the lives of children.

Least of these Carolinas. Our donation went towards providing75 Bagsof Hope for Foster Children In NC. That means we were ableto assist75 children in Dala’s honour! A bag of Hope is a duffel bag for a foster child. LOTisgiven the child’s first name and a list with items they need or desire when they come into care. Each bag is made for the child and comes with a note from one of theirvolunteers. These bags are just one way to restore hope and give back a little of what the child has lost.
To learn more abouttheLeast of these Carolinasnon-profit organization, or to donate, visit their website athttp://www.lotcarolinas.com/.

Bedsfor Children: Our donation provided 33 fully furnished homes for children and families in NC.
To learn moreaboutthe Beds for Kids non-profit organization, read inspiring success stories, or to donate, visit their website athttps://bedsforkids.org/.

Tupelo’s Children’s Mansion: Ourdonationoffered generalsupporttoTupelo Children’s Mansion (TCM), a residential group home serving families and children in crisis situations.We knew this would make Dala happy.Founded in 1953 in Tupelo, Mississippi, the Mansion has provided temporary or long-term care to hundreds of children needing a safe and loving environment. It is one of the most respected and oldest institutions of its type.
To learn more about Tupelo’s Children’s Mansion,and to donate to their worthy cause,visittheir website athttps://mansionkids.org/.

Azure continues to close the gap with AWS

The cloud is still a hot topic in the business community. Business leaders cannot ignore the benefits of scaling computing resources quickly and lowering operating and capital expenditures.
Although some people may have dismissed the cloud as a passing trend a few years back, it has proven its worth. It is clear that companies across the board are investing in the cloud and will continue to rely on it for the future. Many business leaders are now asking the question, “Should I invest in the Cloud?” But which cloud platform should I choose?
The future of the cloud is rosy indeed: According to Statistica, the global public cloud Platform-as-a-Service market alone is expected tohit $38 billion by the end of the year. This segment isn’t expected to slow down either. Researchers predict that this figure will reach $173 billion by 2026.
Cloud platforms are becoming more popular and the demand for IT professionals to manage them will continue to rise. If you want to be able to take advantage these market conditions, what should you do?
Cloud title fight: Azure against AWS
Amazon is a leader in Infrastructure as a service and PaaS. But that doesn’t mean IT professionals need to rush to learn about the platform. The public cloud market is changing at a remarkable pace, and the current momentum seems pointing in favor Microsoft and its Azure platform.
Azure is quickly catching up to AWS, despite its late start. RightScale’s 2016 State of the Cloud survey shows that interest in Azure is growing across the board, while AWS may seem to be stagnating. While Azure IaaS had a 12-percent adoption rate in 2016, that number rose to 17 per cent in 2016. Azure PaaS also saw an increase in adoption rates, from 9 to 13 percent last year.
However, despite the fact that 57% of respondents to the survey reported using AWS in 2016, this number is unchanged from last year. It is possible that Amazon’s demand for AWS has slowed down, and the growing interest shown in Azure will continue to challenge Amazon’s market leadership.
Azure’s competitive edge
Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to Azure’s success is one of the reasons to invest in Azure. The Motley Fool pointed out that Microsoft is willing to continue investing in Azure, even if it means losing profits in short-term. This bullish behavior could well be a long-term win for the public cloud market.
“Microsoft’s brand recognition could be a deciding element.”
Azure also has the Microsoft name. Many businesses rely exclusively on Microsoft software, including the Windows OS and Office suite of business apps. This has been going on for decades. This means that companies may feel more comfortable switching to a Microsoft platform than Amazon when it comes to moving to the cloud. Name recognition and brand awareness could be the driving factor behind cloud holdouts moving to Azure over AWS.
All of this being said, it is a great time for both IT veterans and newcomers to begin learning more about Azure. This is a great way for you to stand out from the rest when applying to companies that have adopted Azure. These credentials can also be used to negotiate salary demands with potential employers or your current employer. Employers will be impressed by your Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Azure Solutions Architect credential.
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Learn how to implement Azure