Nutanix Clusters-Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Multicloud Era

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Dwayne Lessner is the Principal Technical Marketing Engineer at Nutanix. He will be joining us today on the blogosphere to discuss Nutanix Clusters in AWS.

The digital innovation era of today, coupled with the increased remote work requirements in recent months, has made IT teams more focused on being able to quickly innovate to support business needs while working remotely. Public clouds such as AWS, Azure and GCP are being increasingly used to meet the IT challenges of rapid provisioning while still maintaining centralized control. IT teams must be able extend their on-premises environments and skills to public clouds. They can also take advantage of public cloud services. This will allow them to manage their infrastructure in a unified manner. This solution is not a multicloud solution or a hybrid solution. It must be a true Hybrid & Multicloud solution.

Nutanix Clusters, a state of the art cloud offering, enables seamless hybrid cloud infrastructure deployments that can be natively integrated into public cloud services. Direct, low latency access is available to cloud-native services that offer predictable Nutanix resilience and efficiency. This solution was designed to allow you to increase your data center capacity by using public cloud elasticity. You can also maximize operational efficiency by leveraging similar skills and tools across public and private clouds.

Nutanix Cloud Platform for MulticloudEra and Hybrid
Nutanix Clusters was designed to provide consistent experience between public and on-premises cloud environments. These environments can be moved without the need to refactor applications or incur additional costs. This allows you to get rid of any lock-in to your underlying cloud.
Nutanix Clusters Benefits and Features

Nutanix Clusters runs using AWS as the first public cloud provider that is supported. Other cloud providers will be added in the near future. You can run the Nutanix HCI platform directly on AWS EC2 baremet instances by using your existing VPCs. Prism Central is a central management tool that can manage both your on-premises and AWS deployments. It helps you unify private cloud infrastructure operations. You can provision Nutanix Clusters on any of the globally available AWS regions with a choice of general purpose, storage intensive or compute intensivebaremetalinstance configurations, as required by your workloads.

Nutanix Clusters not only helps you decouple apps from the underlying platform but it also helps you to decouple your business investments. You can use your Nutanix software licenses anywhere you like. You can also choose between pay-as you-go (PAYG), or commitment-based subscription plans to allow for flexible consumption. You can retain your existing investments in public cloud providers and use your credit, discounts and the choice between payment models for the bare-metal instances and cloud resources consumed.
Nutanix Clusters gives you the ability to control and deliver YOUR Nutanix software to YOUR AWS account on YOUR terms.
Use Cases
Lift and Shift: Consolidate your data centers or move applications to the cloud. There is no need to re-architect your applications. Simply “lift and shift” them without any change, saving significant costs and time investments.On-Demand Elasticity: Quickly scale capacity, or expand to different geographical regions, in minutes by bursting into public clouds to support seasonal demands.Business Continuity: Leverage public clouds for high availability and disaster recovery without the complexity arising from managing a secondary datacenter or a stand-alone disaster recovery solution.Cloud-Native Services: Modernize legacy on-premises applications with direct access to cloud-native services like artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and more to advance your digital initiatives.
Key Workloads
Virtual Desktops on Cloud – Use public cloud resources to scale your VDI infrastructure. I/O IntensiveApplications: Enable high end databases, big data and other I/O intensive apps to move to cloud without compromising on performance.
Key Features
Native networking integration: Nutanix Clusters allows you to run all your Nutanix software within your existing AWS VPCs. This completely eliminates the complexity of networking overlay. You can reuse your existing AWS networking setup – cloud account, VPCs and subnets as well as Direct Connect. Nutanix Clusters intelligently selects node placements across AWS racks in order to ensure high availability rack-aware design. If any individual AWS host instance is reported as unresponsive by EC2, it triggers a node replacement operation to make sure the cluster health is restored.Just-in-time scale and shrink: Easily add new compute nodes when you need to spin up more hybrid cloud capacity. You can either manually add nodes and expand the size of your cluster with one-click or use triggers based on capacity consumption to scale out nodes automatically.On-demand hibernate and resume: Maximize hybrid cloud cost efficiency with a unique one-click hibernate and resume feature (currently in early access), so that you only pay for EC2 bare metal instances when you need them. Hibernation sends data to cost-efficient S3 storage and uninstalls Nutanix software, stopping EC2 baremet instances so you can stop paying bare metal compute fees. You can bring your cluster back from hibernation when you are ready to use it again. All your data will be preserved.

Nutanix Clusters Console
The Nutanix clusters console manages the provisioning of clusters within your AWS accounts. This global service allows you to deploymen