Microsoft Certification Program Changes: What can you expect in 2021-2022

November 11, 2021In line with market needs, IT technologies are rapidly changing and presenting new challenges to IT specialists. They must be aware of changes in their field to remain relevant and valuable.
One way to validate and assess your knowledge and skills is to obtain an IT certification. The certification providers are keeping an eye on industry changes and decisions to help you keep your certificates current. We’ll be looking at the upcoming changes to Microsoft’s program in this article.
Microsoft Certification Program:Overview
Firstof all, let’s pay attention to some details of the Microsoft certificationprogram. You should know that it consists of various certificates for such jobroles as an App Maker, a Business Analyst, a Data Scientist, an AI Engineer, a DatabaseAdministrator, a Technology Manager, a Functional Consultant, a RiskPractitioner, a Solution Architect, and a DevOps Engineer, among others. Each option requires passing one or more tests. There are three levels: Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner. The applicants will need to prepare for this challenge.
You can use Toprepare to prepare for the qualification exams. These resources include instructor-led training courses and self-preparation learning pathways. Individuals can also access preparation options on third-partywebsites. They can usually provide practice tests, exam dumps and books.
Another important point is certification validity. The role-based and specialty-levelcertificates are valid for one year. Candidates who wish to keep theircertifications valid for one year must renew them before the expiration date. The Fundamentals options are not subject to expiration. This was the basic information about Microsoft’s program. It is now time to look ahead to the upcoming changes.
Microsoft Certifications for Retirement
Microsoftis planning to remove several certifications in 2022. These include the following paths:
MTA: Database Fundamentals;
MTA: Windows Server AdministrationFundamentals;
MTA: Security Fundamentals
MTA: Windows Operating System Fundamentals;
MTA: Introduction to Programming UsingJava
MTA: Software Development Fundamentals
MTA: HTML5 Application DevelopmentFundamentals;
MTA: Introduction to Programming UsingPython
MTA: Networking Fundamentals;
MTA: Introduction to Programming UsingHTML & CSS
MTA: Introduction to Programming UsingJavaScript
MTA: Mobility and Device Fundamentals.
These certificates will be retired on June 30, 2022, and exam vouchers will be sold at the end of June 30, 2021. Microsoft has noted that the Fundamentalscertifications, for instance, Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Funda