Interview Questions for Top 20 AWS Architects

Are you an AWS Architect and are you preparing for your next job interview. These are the most recent AWS architect interview questions that you should read as part of your preparations.

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is currently the most prominent public cloud service provider. It is present in multiple companies’ tech stacks. AWS’s rising popularity has led to a greater demand for AWS as a career option. AWS is the preferred platform for cloud computing professionals looking to make a career.
AWS’s solutions architect job is one of the most promising. The average annual salary for this role is $130,883. Candidates often search for AWS architects interview questions. This list of questions will give you a good idea of the types of AWS interview questions candidates can expect.
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Basic AWS architect interview questions
What is Amazon EC2 exactly?
Amazon EC2 (or Elastic Compute Cloud) is an AWS service that allows you to achieve highly scalable computing capacities. Amazon EC2 allows you to deploy and develop applications faster by eliminating the need to invest in hardware.
What is Amazon3?
Amazon S3 (or Simple Storage Service) is an AWS storage service. Object storage allows for the storage and retrieval of large amounts of data regardless of where they are located. It is also unlimited and users can access it whenever they need.
What is Identity Access Management?
Identity Access Management (IAM in AWS) is a web service that allows secure access control to AWS services. It allows for the management of users and security credentials, such as access keys and permissions.
What is Amazon Route 53?
Amazon Route 53 is a Domain Name System service (DNS) that offers greater scalability, availability, and security. Named after the TCP port 53 or UDP port 53, which is the address where all DNS server requests are addressed,
What is the process for sending an Amazon S3 request?
Amazon S3 can be requested via the REST API. You can also use AWS SDK wrapper library that contains the Amazon S3 API below.
Is encryption recommended for S3 or not?
S3 is a proprietary technology so users should consider encryption to protect sensitive data.
CloudFront allows you to define geo restriction.
Geo Restriction, also known as geoblocking or geoblocking, is a process that restricts user’s access privileges to content distributed by a specific CloudFront distribution.
What is a T2 instance, you ask?
T2 instances are designed to provide moderate levels of baseline performance. They can also be extended to meet the demands of the workloads.
What is a serverless app in AWS?
The Serverless Application Model (SAM), which is available in AWS, allows for the expansion of AWS CloudFormation’s capabilities. Users can use the SAM to create Amazon API Gateway APIs, Amazon DynamoDB table, and AWS Lambda functions for their serverless applications.
What are the uses of Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon ElastiCache is a web service that makes it easier to deploy, operate, and scale in-memory storage or cloud data caches.
Recent AWS Architect Interview Questions & Answers
What is the difference between terminating an instance and stopping it?
An instance is stopped by a normal shutdown. Then it switches to the’stop state’. An instance that is terminated goes through a normal shutdown. The attached Amazon EBS volumes can only be deleted if the deleteOnTermination attribute is set to true.
Can I change the private IP address for an EC2 instance that is running on a VPC or has been stopped?
The primary private IP address cannot be changed. How to