Guide to the HP Certification System

September 12, 2018, HP certification is, like many certification paths, a bit confusing at first. This guide will help you understand the process of becoming certified through Hewett-Packard. This guide to HP certifications will help you make informed decisions about which path to take. It can be difficult to make a life-changing career change or learn new skills. We are here to help you!
Hewett-Packard does much more than just sell laptops
Most people think of HP simply as a provider of laptops and desktop computers at a medium-sized electronics chain store. HP offers high-quality tech solutions that address some of today’s most pressing technical issues. HP Server Automation Enterprise Edition, for instance, is a competitively priced server software that can be used to run data centers. These solutions are often not well-known, even among those who have worked in the Linux or Windows ecosystems. The knowledge you gain about HP will help you to use the many tools available to solve the most difficult IT problems in the world. However, HP sells laptops and needs to be fixed. Even those who are not interested in HP Server Automation Architecture, there is a job for everyone.

Why HP certification?
Technical knowledge is constantly evolving, whether it’s HP Server Automation Architecture Architecture or basic networking. Hewett-Packard offers many courses that will prepare you for a variety of technical careers, such as HP Cloud Service Automation. These courses will take you from an entry-level tech to a highly qualified individual. For those who are interested, they also offer training in Aruba-based products. Aruba is a great solution to business needs, as it works from the top down, from server to access points.

Hewett-Packard vs. Hewett Packard Enterprise
Hewett Packard’s business grew and they began to create in-house products, as well as basic tech products like laptops. This led to the need for two cert companies, HP Enterprise and HP Enterprise. The main difference lies in the amount and intensity of the training required. HPE is more focused on more complex solutions, such as troubleshooting a computer on a desktop. HPE, however, is more focused on learning Cloud Based System Maintenance and fulfilling HP Server Automation Requirements.
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The two paths to HPE
Be wise when choosing your path! Enterprise offers two options for certification, one in each of the broad categories of technical focused and sale-focused. There are many certifications available from HP, including those in the two main categories.
HP offers certification and training for the following subjects: Networking