Five Facts About F5 BIGIP ASM (Application Safety Manager)

F5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager is a web app firewall that protects web applications and data from known and undiscovered security threats, vulnerabilities, and bots. BIG-IP ASM protects against complex threats and improves app performance by offloading SSL.
BIG-IP ASM Specialists can deploy, tune, or operate BIG-IP ASM to help protect their apps from HTTP-based attacks. It provides protection for applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft office sharepoint, Oracle ebusiness financials, and Microsoft outlook.

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BIG-IP ASM Specialist Exam (303): This exam is required in order to become a F5 certified technology specialist, ASM certification. This exam validates your abilities and knowledge to design and deploy BIG-IP ASM, including advanced features.
BIG-IP ASM certification does not require F5 certification. If students are not familiar with BIG-IP, they can attend the following course to learn more before obtaining F5 ASM certification.
BIG-IP administration (instructor-led course).
F5 BIG-IP administrator certification
Skills and knowledge you will acquire:
Candidate will be able describe and learn how BIG-IP ASM interacts with web applications
Candidates will be able design, implement, maintain and troubleshoot BIG IP ASM products. They will also be able ensure network security and the delivery of applications.
Learn about web application firewalls
Learn how ASM protects web applications by securing URLs and file types.
This article will explain what attack signatures are and why they are important.
How to deploy ASM with the automatic policy maker
Learn how to cost-effectively achieve compliance
You will discover how BIG-IP ASM protects web apps beyond the box
This course will teach you how to improve the performance of web applications.
You will learn how ASM can be deployed flexiblely

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Career Profiles
After F5 ASM certification, you can pursue a variety of job opportunities. These are just a few of the many options available to you.
Network security engineer
Application security manager
F5 ASM engineer
Consultants – F5 Networks ASM
Administrator F5
F5 engineer
Administrators of F5 networks
F5 network engineer
F5 network security engineer
Network/F5 engineer
The average salary for F5 ASM professionals freshers is between 1.5 lacs and 4 lacs per annum. These salary figures are not indicative of the salaries for F5 ASM professionals who have worked in India. The salary for F5 ASM specialists is very attractive and increases with experience.