Firewalls of Middle Earth Middle Earth is a kind of medieval place. Swords. Castles. Horses. Have you ever considered some of their high-tech security features. We have. Learn how to become a security expert. Few can bear your horrible gaze while you check traffic for policy violations. As a symbol of your omnipotence, you should also have the lidless-eye symbol emblazoned on your door. Don’t do it. Or do it. You can do whatever you like. I don’t think your procedure involves the Nazgul. It’s probably just shutting down one port. Oder maybe you send them an all-knowing IM. DurinVPN Ah, Durin’s Doors. They reach an encrypted tunnel door when a blizzard forces them to travel under the mountain than up it. They must authenticate using a spoken password to gain access. It’s written on the door! They could have just written their password down on a Postit and stuck it to their monitor. What does this sound like? What is an encrypted tunnel? We thought VPN. Although it’s not an exact analogy. The Great Gates on the eastern side were destroyed during the Battle of Azanulbizar so it’s not encrypted on both sides. It’s not the most secure route to the eastern side, but the travelers took their chances. Even Cisco can be surprised by a Balrog, but maybe not to a Cisco Bane-level. Which brings us to… Gandalf Firewall version 1.0 with YSNP Update. Finally, let’s discuss layering security features. The Mines of Moria offers a few layers of protection (aside from being within a mountain, which you might think would be sufficient). There are the western Doors of Durin which is the once-Great Gate to east. Then there is the Bridge of Khazad-dum. They needed a wizard to defeat the Balrog. You know the rest. Gandalf Firewall 2.0 is coming soon. Although your firewall’s fight against the outside (and within) world may not be as epic as Gandolf with Durin’s Bane’s last stand, it silently says “You shall not pass” to all the network’s Balrogs and goblins, orcs and even hobbits every day. Did we miss any other Middle Earth firewall or security function? Please let us know what you think in the comments. P.S. P.S. Start your free week. Download