AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-01) Exam Learning Path

AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS–C01) Exam Learning Path
Recently, I was certified by AWS Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-01).
Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS–C01) has replaced Big Data – Specialty before (DAS–C01).
Big Data is an enormous topic. AWS services are a great way to learn more about it.
This exam validates your experience in Big Data technologies, including Visualization.
Learn how AWS data analytics services work together.
Explain how AWS data analytics services are integrated into the data lifecycle of storage, processing, and visualization. Refer to AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty Exam Guide.
AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS–C01) Exam ResourcesOnline CoursesStephane Maarek AWS Certified data analytics Specialty Exam In-Depth and Hands On
Practice examsBraincert – AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty DAS-01 Practice Exams
AWS Certified Data Analytics SpecialtyAWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam Summary
AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty exam covers a lot Big Data concepts, including data transfer and collection, storage, pre- and post processing, visualization, and data security at each layer.
AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty exam has 65 questions that must be completed in a time limit 170 minutes
Questions and answer options can be quite long so take your time to read them.
The exam was conducted online so there was no paper or pen. However, the trick is to read the question, draw a rough structure and then focus on the areas you need to improve. Trust me, you’ll be able eliminate 2 answers and then focus on the other 2. To check the difference area, read the other answers. This will help you get to the correct answer or at least a 50% chance of getting it right.
Make sure to cover these topics: Whitepapers and articlesAWS Analytics Service Cheat Sheet
Analytics Make sure you are familiar with and have a thorough understanding of all services. 80% of the exam will be on topics such as Glue, Kinesis, and Redshift.
GlueDAS-C01 covers Glue in detail. This is a new service, which is compared to Big Data-Specialty exam.
Understanding Glue as an extract, transform, load (ETL), service
Glue supports Redshift, Redshift, S3 as well as databases on EC2 instances.
Glue allows Glue crawlers access to data and helps create schema in the Glue Data Catalog
Glue supports Job Bookmark, which helps track data that was processed during an ETL job run. It persists state information from the job run. AWS Glue’s job bookmarks allow it to keep track of state information and prevent duplicate or old data from being reprocessed.
Elastic Map ReduceUnderstand EMR in detail
Understanding EMRFS (hint – Use Consistent View to ensure that S3 objects referred from different applications are in sync).
Know EMR Best Practices (hint, start with many small nodes rather than a few large ones)
Learn about EMR encryption options
Does not support SSE-C encryption
Supports LUKS encryption of local disks
TLS support for data in transit encryption
Know Hive can also be hosted externally using AWS Glue Data Catalog, Aurora, and RDS.
Learn also about other technologiesPresto is an interactive SQL query engine that allows you to perform interactive analytic queries on large datasets from multiple sources.
Spark is a distributed processing framework that allows you to do machine learning, stream processing or graph analytics using Am.