AWS Certified Alexa Skills Builder – Specialty (AXS-01) Exam Learning Path

Finally, All Down for AWS (for the moment)
I continued my AWS journey by obtaining the last AWS certification. Then, I completed the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder-Specialty (AXS-01) certification. It is amazing to see how Voice first experiences are changing the way we think about technology and how they can help us.
AWS Certified Alexa Skills Builder – Specialty (AXS-01) exam validates your ability build, test, publish, and certify Alexa skills.
Summary of the AWS Certified Alexa Skills Builder – Specialty (AXS-01) Exam
AWS Certified Alexa Skills Builder – This special exam focuses on Alexa and how you can build skills.
AWS Certified Alexa Skills Builder – Specialty exam has 65 question with a time limit to 170 minutes
The questions and answers are shorter than those of the specialty and professional exams. They are also similar to those of associate exams. If you’re well prepared, it shouldn’t take 170 minutes.
The exam was conducted online so there was no paper or pen. However, the trick is to read the question, draw a rough structure and then focus on the areas you need to improve. Trust me, you’ll be able eliminate 2 answers and then focus on the other 2. To check the difference area, read the other answers. This will help you get to the right answer or at least a half-way chance of getting it right. Visit Jooble!
AWS Certified Alexa Skills Builder – Specialty (AXS-01) Exam Topic Summary
Refer AWS Alexa Cheat Sheet
Domain 1: Voice First Design Practices and Capabilities
1.1 Describe the interaction between skills and users
1.2 Map capabilities and features to use cases
Alexa supports display cards that display text (Simple Card) or text with images (Standard Card).
Alexa Alexa Skill Kits support APIsAlexa Settings APIs enable developers to retrieve customer preferences for settings such as time zone, distance measurement unit, temperature measurement unit, etc.
Device services – A skill can ask the customer for permission to access their address information. This is static data that the customer fills in with the country/region, postcode, and full address.
Customer Profile services – A skill can request permission from a customer to access their contact information. This includes name, email address, and phone number.
A skill can ask for permission to locate an Alexa-enabled device at the time the user requests it to Alexa. This allows the skill to provide enhanced services.
Alexa Skill Kit APIs require apiAccessToken, deviceId to access ASK APIs
Progressive Response API allows for you to keep your user engaged while the skill prepares a complete response to the user’s request.
Personalization can be achieved using userId or state persistenceDomain 2 – Skill Design
2.1 Design an interaction model
A skill is “an app for Alexa”, however they cannot be downloaded. They just need to enabled.
Amazon offers a variety of wakewords, including ‘Alexa,’ ‘Amazon,’ ‘Echo,”skill,’ ‘app’ and ‘Computer’. The default is ‘Alexa.
Launch phrases include “run,”‘start,” ‘play,”‘resume,”, “use,”, “launch,”, “ask,”,”open,”,”tell,”,”load,” and “enable.”
Connecting words include “to,”” “from,”,” in,” and “using,” as well as “about,” for,” “that,” and “by,” for,” “if,” and “and.”
The invocation name is the phrase or word that triggers the skill for custom skills. It should be consistent with the requirements
You must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any person or entity
must be a combination of more than one work.
Only brand/intellectual property is allowed to use one-word invocation names.
Names of people and places must not be included
If there are two words invocation names, only one word can be a definite Article.