7 Organizations That Use Salesforce to Shock You

Salesforce is a complex platform that can be difficult to grasp for new users. However, Salesforce is used by many companies in many unique ways. Several might even surprise you!

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services is a cloud powerhouse. We all know this, but it would be wrong to assume that Amazon manages all aspects of the platform internally. Amazon is aware of the power of Salesforce and has been able to adapt and grow with customers in record time. AWS has a distinct advantage in the cloud space by using Salesforce Custom Apps for budget management and exploring Communities to educate outreach. Amazon was able take the journey with Salesforce, its customers, and explosive growth to the next level.

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AKA THE Cake Boss… What should you do when your sales go up by 1000%? You take the pencil down and hold your breath! Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss needed a better way of managing sales. He chose Salesforce Sales Cloud. Buddy can manage any order using Sales Cloud, whether it is direct to his customers or to his other business accounts.

UC Health
Although Salesforce and healthcare seem unlikely to be a good combination, UC Health found that the CRM platform was a perfect fit. Salesforce Platform, formerly App Cloud, is being used by UC Health to collect and analyze data that can be used to improve the treatment of cancer patients. UC Health understood that cancer is not a universal disease and that there is no cure. They created a Wisdom Study to categorize individual variability in genes, biology, environment, lifestyle, and the performance and outcomes of clinical interventions to tailor communication for each patient.

American Red Cross
How is Salesforce used by the Red Cross? This might surprise you. What if we told them that they use social media to track survey responses and monitor trends? Marketing Cloud, people! It doesn’t stop there. Sales Cloud is also used by the Red Cross to keep in touch with volunteers. The cloud makes it easier to train volunteers and get them to respond to emergencies. This allows help to reach the right people faster and more efficiently.

CareerBuilder receives more than 25,000,000 visits each month to search for jobs and get advice. Marketing Cloud may seem like the obvious choice for CareerBuilder, given its high engagement and traffic. What other Salesforce products does CareerBuilder use to create opportunities and connect with others? Data.com/! It is impossible to sell a space that you don’t know exists. Career Builder uses Data.com/ for this purpose.

New Jersey Transit
It is difficult enough to service thousands of customers per day. But communicating with all those customers adds complexity. NJ Transit was able to create a uniform tool that its support staff could use by using Service Cloud. It was a huge success. NJ Transit was able use Service Cloud’s robust functionality for a faster response time of days. And it didn’t have to hire any more employees. It’s not surprising that New Jersey Transit is now using social media to join conversations.

The City of San Francisco
This could be the most surprising Salesforce user. The City of San Francisco uses Salesforce! Officials wanted to engage with citizens, so they started using Marketing Cloud. While social media was one way they could reach their citizens, Marketing Cloud allows them to really engage with and listen. The city facilitates conversations and even goes as far as to go