5 Ways to Support Math Students With WebAssign

You know that teaching is more than just choosing a Math textbook and planning course topics. Each student comes to your class with different levels of preparation, confidence, and motivation. How can you design your course to meet the needs of each student throughout the semester?
Cue, WebAssign.
Continue reading to find out how WebAssign can help you take your Math course content up a notch and drive student success.
1. Resolve Readiness Gaps
Your course material and syllabus will not be enough to help your students learn. To ensure that your students are successful in your course, you need to make sure they have the right mindset and prerequisite skills. Without a little help, it can be difficult to evaluate, identify, and address readiness gaps.
Help students assess and practice math skills
Do you have a lot of work to do this semester? Students can take part in a free College Math and Calculus Readiness Boot Camp. The boot camp can be self-enrolled or added to an existing WebAssign course. Students complete exercises to assess their knowledge, and receive a tutorial and practice items to help fill in any knowledge gaps.
Develop Effective Learners by Using Skills
Do your students have the skills to take notes, grow a mindset, and navigate a Math textbook? These skills are crucial to student success in Math courses. WebAssign makes it easy to incorporate Math Mindset or College Success activities into your course. This allows students to reflect on these skills and gives them reflective assignments.
Students need to have the prerequisite skills.
To master the material, most learners require multiple exposures to the prerequisite skills and concepts throughout the course. It is a great way to reinforce pre-requisite skills. This allows learners to understand the topics before they need to apply them in a new context.
WebAssign makes it even easier by offering a variety question types, such as quick-prep modules, just-in-time exercises and Algebra remediation exercise. These can be incorporated in your assignments to provide valuable remediation all through the course.

2. Increase Student Engagement
It’s not easy to keep students engaged and on task. When putting together your course materials and assignments, it’s important to remember that students are the most important thing. Your students will learn more if you use WebAssign’s content and features to enhance your course materials.
Videos can get students’ attention
Is it really difficult for you to get students reading their assignments? Instead, make your course materials more engaging for students by including video in your assignments. WebAssign offers many options.
Upload your videos to get the most personalization possible
To save time, use the lecture videos and textbook resources within WebAssign
Pre-created assessment content, such as Video Example questions, can be assigned to your students

Personalize your course materials for your students
If your material is relevant to them, students are more likely to pay attention. Seem hard? Students can assign Responsive Questions in WebAssign. They can enter their own values which will be used in solving the problem to bring to life their real-world experience. You can also customize your questions to add more relevant substitutions to specific parts of the problem.

3. Develop problem-solving skills
While any student can guess the answer, instructors want to ensure that they fully understand the steps involved in solving the problem. It can be difficult to assess problem-solving skills in an online environment. However, WebAssign has the ability to help you.
Ask questions that will motivate students to do the work
Assign tutorial questions, such as Master It Standalone Questions or Expanded Problems. These ask students to complete each step of the problem-solving process to find the right solution. This helps students to understand the process and prevents them from cutting corners. You can also give students access to learning tools such as Master Its, which offer optional tutorials at the question level so that they can work independently on a similar problem step by step.

Check out the work of students
It can be difficult to understand the reasoning behind online homework submissions. You can use the Show My Work feature on specific questions or assignments to assess your students’ work. Students will be able submit their step-by-step work by doing this.