2022 Leonid’s PMI ACP Exam Review: He Passed The PMI ACP Exam

Leonid Netrebskiy successfully passed the PMI ACP certification test. We interviewed him and he shared his PMI ACP exam review. Leonid’s PMI ACP exam review and get inspired by his tips and tricks to pass the PMI ACP certification exam.
1- 1) How long did it take you to study for the PMI ACP exam?
After passing the PMP exam in December, I began studying within a week. I spent 2-3 weeks studying online for the PMI ACP course. After starting preparation on February 8, I passed the PMI ACP exam within 1.5 months. I spent approximately 1 hour each day, and 4-8 hours on holidays.
2-) What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the PMI-ACP exam preparation?
Deciding whether or not I am ready to take the PMI ACP exam. There are many versions of the exam, and they can be very different. PMI ACP exam requires memorizing several agile practices. To prepare my study plan, I used the PMI ACP study guide. After I finished my preparation, I realized that I was not ready to take the fifth real PMI ACP exam questions set. I found that PMI ACP exam question sets don’t require memorization of a lot of agile practices.
3- 3) How was the quality and safety of PMI-ACP training materials
Master of Project Academy’s PMI ACP training materials are excellent. They are clear and easy to understand, and give a deep understanding of agile mindset. It would be fine to have a few more simulation questions. These materials would be a good addition to my PMI ACP exam review.
4- 4) How similar were the PMI-ACP questions when you looked at them?
The types of questions are the same. Questions required minimal memorization. They are slightly easier than the questions I solved at each chapter’s end. The final sample PMI ACP exam question are slightly more difficult than the actual PMI ACP test. The same questions you will find on the PMI ACP exam are not available elsewhere.
5- ) How many PMI ACP exam question samples did you practice before taking the exam?
I practiced about 200 PMI-ACP sample questions during my course study. I also read a PMI ACP exam prep guide. The book contained around 100 questions. I also found additional questions on the internet. Many of these questions require memorization, so I was disappointed that the PMI-ACP book and course materials are not sufficient.
But, when I passed my PMI ACP exam I realized that it was enough. Perhaps I didn’t really need to read the book. As part of my PMI ACP exam review, I can recommend that you only prepare for the PMI ACP training at Master of Project Academy.
6- Describe the support you received during the PMI ACP training.
I found the PMI ACP course material too simple and didn’t ask for technical support. The instructor of the PMI ACP training was responsive. He answered my questions in the discussion forum in less than 24 hours.
7- ) Do any future PMI-ACP candidates have any recommendations?
Do not waste your time answering questions that you find online. They could be misleading. I spent two additional weeks preparing for these questions. Although you can purchase a supplementary PMI ACP prep manual as I did, I would not recommend it if I had to prepare again.
Master of Project Academy PMI ACP training should be sufficient to prepare for and pass the PMI ACP examination. You can register, follow the lectures and prepare for your exam with confidence.
8- ) Do any of you have any tips or tricks for the PMI ACP exam day?
I have some standard recommendations:
Be calm. Read each question carefully
Take your time. Mark any question that you aren’t sure of for review. You can return to it later.
To double-check your answers, take advantage of the three hours you have been given for the test

9- ) What would you recommend to a friend who is interested in PMI-ACP certification?