13 Things You Won’t Want To Miss at the 2020 EMEA Partner and Member Conference

CompTIA’s 2020 EMEA Partner and Member Conference offers a variety of sessions on the latest solutions and business trends, as well as interactive networking opportunities. This conference is a great opportunity to discover new ideas and grow your company. CompTIA’s 2020 EMEA Member and Partner Conference will be held 13-14 October. This conference has been a great opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest technologies and explore new opportunities. The event will be virtual this year due to COVID-19. However, there is still plenty of content and innovative technology to enjoy. It offers a variety of sessions that examine the latest business trends and interactive networking opportunities, as well as sessions on how to grow your business.
Here are 10 reasons to not miss this year’s event.
The Tech Industry’s Impact on Today’s World
This discussion is led by Todd Thibodeau, CompTIA CEO, Meredith Patton (director of cyber operations at Protection Group International), and John McGlinchey (executive vice president of global certification at CompTIA). The group will discuss live the latest trends, including what tech companies did well and not well during the pandemic. The way companies work has changed, but how permanent is that change and what does it mean for tech companies? Listen to this video to find out.
Is Emerging Technology changing the way we perceive it?
Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and drones, as well as blockchain, aren’t just concepts. They are being integrated into IT environments every day and solving real business problems right now. Maddy Martin from Smith.ai and Dan Scott from Complete I.T. will be presenting this session. Talk about the changes and how the pandemic has put new emphasis on these technologies. Either you are left behind or it’s time to have conversations about EmTech with customers.
Talk to a Business Genius
You know how valuable this time can be if you were able to get an appointment at the UK Business Technology Community meeting with a Cybersecurity Genius. CompTIA has arranged five industry leaders to answer questions in the Business Genius Cafe for EMEA. These conversations are only available to solution provider members by appointment. Register now to reserve your spot before they’re gone.
Participate in the Solutions Showcase
The EMEA virtual solutions show is the best place to get firsthand information about the latest innovations. Talk to representatives from over 40 software, hardware, or services companies to learn how you can grow your business through new solutions and opportunities. Get the scoop on CompTIA certifications, and other learning services.
Tracking Your Organization’s Skills Needs: Workforce Trends
Let’s face the facts: Technology only works if there are people who use it, support it, and deploy it. As tech solutions evolve, so do the skills needed to succeed with them. This session examines the changes in the labour market, especially in IT and cybersecurity careers. Learn how employees are updating their workforce to meet changing needs and why it is so important to recruit new tech talent.
Cybersecurity: What did COVID-19 teach us?
A panel of cyber experts will discuss the most recent cyber trends and threats that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 epidemic. Ransomware attacks rose nearly 25% in the early stages of the coronavirus spread. The threats have only gotten more sophisticated and creative since then. Cybersecurity is no longer a technology issue, it’s a business problem. Learn best practices and how you can mitigate the risks from the remote workforce.
EMEA Conference Virtual Happy Hour
Virtual or not, there is no better way to end an event than with a few drinks with old and new friends. You can network with peers and industry leaders online and toast the award winners.
Business Interrupted – Managing Your Workforce In Challenging Economic Times
Your workforce could have changed dramatically in 2020. These changes could be temporary or long-term. Are you able to effectively manage that change and ensure your employees are happy, healthy, and productive? Four business leaders share their best practices and lessons learned to keep workers productive and motivated in these turbulent times.
Injecting Talent into Your Organisation
CompTIA research shows that more than half (54%) of organizations admit they have difficulty identifying and assessing skill gaps in their workforce. Yet, only one third of them offer formal training. It is difficult to fill the IT skills gap.